Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You Had To See This Coming

100 Things I Hate (in no random order....BETH)
  1. Everyone's favorite...nails on a chalk board
  2. Going to the dentist (no offense Dr Wadkins)
  3. Stubbing your pinky toe
  4. hangnails
  5. Wearing dresses
  6. Even more, wearing's cruel and invented by a man I suppose
  7. Lack of financial freedom
  8. The Dragon Lady..should be #1
  9. Whining
  10. After shampooing, having hair stuck on my fingers
  11. Any type of seafood....smell AND sight
  12. Throwing up
  13. Adriamiacin
  14. Fissures
  15. IV's
  16. Food stuck in my teeth
  17. How big my feet are (10-10 1/2 if you were wondering)
  18. My broken ice scraper...not that it matters
  19. A sneeze that goes away before you can get it out
  20. black licorice
  21. Being crabby, knowing it but not keeping it under control
  22. Captain Morgan...the Captain was here one too many times
  23. My luck...if it wasn't bad I wouldn't have any
  24. Being far away from close friends
  25. Headaches
  26. Slivers
  27. Finding out you have a paper cut after you start using Purel
  28. Pepsi
  29. My weight gain
  30. Menopause
  31. That I suck at spelling
  32. Hard core rap
  33. That we can't afford a cooler way of transportation
  34. Bone spurs
  35. Just when my nails get long, I bite them all off again
  36. That we don't have snow
  37. The term "bump" when someone is pregnant
  38. Spam
  39. Idiots
  40. Closed mindedness
  41. That I can't pull off "Oh snap"
  42. That doctors are looking more and more like Doogie Howser
  43. Cat food (see post Sonofa Sonofa Sonofa)
  44. That I can't sleep at night
  45. Slow people in the left lane
  46. People who have nothing but negative things to say to you
  47. Puffy, fluffy, lacy stuff
  48. The movie Wicker Man
  49. When the kids stay up late messing around
  50. The stuff you have to drink for a colonoscopy
  51. Head on apply directly to the forehead Head on apply directly to the forehead
  52. Getting stitches removed
  53. Chicken loaf...ask Dion about that crap
  54. People who talk loudly during a movie
  55. That when a family show is going down the pooper, they add a new kid to the script
  56. Sinus problems
  57. When songs are stuck in my head
  58. Polly Pocket's shoes
  59. Lower back pain
  60. What garlic and onions do to my digestive system
  61. Adults who still act like they did when they were the "cool ones" in high school
  62. Feet
  63. Care Bear theme song
  64. The fact that my favorite slippers now make my feet stink.
  65. Our cable company...does anyone else have to take out a loan for service?!?
  66. When kids leave stuff in the sidewalk and you have to go around or over it
  67. Those phones that stuck into people's ears...kind of gross
  68. Not being able to sleep in
  69. When the girls act up in public
  70. Waiting for Idol to start
  71. Not finding what I am looking for
  72. Parents who think their child does no wrong
  73. People who mess with my kids...get in their personal space, etc
  74. Not knowing
  75. Yeah, but....
  76. Those blue headlights on cars
  77. That I can't just live on marshmallows
  78. Having choices taken away
  79. When I say, "They'll get theirs" and they NEVER do
  80. March 17th, 2004
  81. High humidity
  82. Painful wind chills
  83. Tornado warnings
  84. Walking in a car dealership lot and no matter how much you say "just looking", they follow
  85. eBay outbids at the last minute
  86. Things that make me say, "That is so simple! Why didn't I think of that?!?"
  87. Being late
  88. Others being late
  89. Bratz...dolls, shoes, house, babies, whatever
  90. Commercials I don't get
  91. Not knowing the name of a song and/or artist
  92. People who play games, and I'm not talkin' board games
  93. That I can't remember dates for American historical events
  94. I am unable to complete things when I get scared or nervous about my lack of knowledge
  95. My follow through sucks (I think because of #94)
  96. Bad fortune cookie fortunes
  97. Reading directions
  98. Letting go
  99. Realizing the next day what you should have said when you were fighting with someone
  100. The conversations I have with myself all internally..I wonder sometimes


Amalia said...

Another fantastic list! However, you had pepsi on the list... it is my #1 favorite drink! If I made a list of things I love, Pepsi (the real kind, not the diet crap) would be number 3, 17 and 46!

I do agree that the lack of financial freedom and slow people in the left lane are sucky, crappy things, though.

today's word verification: hjebbe (sounds like the sound you make when you try to talk with water in your mouth... ever tried it?

Shari said...

Yes, doctors are getting younger. (Doggie Howser)I went to the dentist for a cleaning and a young dentist checked my teeth. Now, that makes me feel old.

Whining kids, acting up in public..

Not knowing the name of a song or the artist(s). I hate that.

Oh, I hate it when I have songs stuck in my head. Or worse, a commerical jingle. Aarrgghhh.

It was interesting that you have made 100 Things I hate and 100 things I love-separately. Other blogs I have read only have a combination of don't like and like.

I made mine in The Daily Three-I thought it was better in that one than Literally Blind-sided. Enjoy your snow. I didn't even check the weather yet. I don't want to know.