Thursday, March 29, 2007

Walmart, What's Going On?

I guess it is the week of odd Walmart occurrences. You know they have the greeter program, which is nice. There is one person in particular in our store who is really friendly and takes her job very seriously, as she should since that is the first impression of the store.

I went in to Walmart and on more than one occasion, have seen not one, not two, but THREE greeters. I felt like I was being bombarded by hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? Fine. Ok. Leave me alone dammit! Why have three people? I don't get it. In any other company if you were to have three people doing the job of one, there would be some eliminations, and fast. Not at Walmart. Three is not a crowd.

And I saw my favorite checker Jon the other day. Again. All in his upper lip rubbing glory. I went to the checkout before his and found Andrew. Ah yes, Andrew. You see, there should be about a million Andrew's made available to us, the public. He scanned so incredibly fast that I could not keep up with him putting the bags into my cart. I still have to write a letter about him. I complimented him on doing such a good job. I had forgotten that I had made a mental note (ironic, I know) to compliment people who are in the serving field if they are due. I will try again to remember.

And on to the sad news...the house we want is in pre-foreclosure and are not accepting contingent offers. If by chance we sell our house lickity split, we may stand a chance getting it, but it's looking kind of glum. Glum. That's a good word. People should use it more often.

Ok, it's off to bed for me. I am exhausted.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Help Me Out...Give me a Click

I have registered on a website called called The Robin Hood Fund to see if I can get some money for the genetic testing my insurance turned down. Please go here:

and find my wish. I think you can get to it by searching for members, then searching by state (MN) and you will come across my pink ribbon. It says that I have a wish, so go to that and click click click. Do it many times a day, if you please. Thanks for your support!

****Thanks Russ for the link, I don't know why I have to make it difficult. :)****

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was at Walmart the other day stocking up on some items, and after standing in line for what seemed like a rather long time, I got to the front of the check out. And there was Jon. He was the cashier who seemed like he might have been on the new side, but I am not sure. I watched him scan my merchandise with ever so much care, commenting on the size of the ketchup bottle. I didn't really know how to reply. Oh and look, Mayo. Aint that the shrit? Yikes. Beep........beep......beep.....So we are three items in and he notices that chips that I have selected, and that there are quite a few bags of chips. He reaches around all of the other items that I have strategically placed on the belt as to not have bags that are so very heavy, and bags that are so very light, and puts the chips into one bag, leaving all of the heavy items to be bagged together. Jon! You need to brush up on what they taught you in bagging school. Then the bags began to stick, making it difficult for poor Jon to pull apart.

What does one do when bags stick? Normally they lick their finger using their spit to separate the bags. Kind of gross, yes, but as long as you don't slobber, whatever. I thought I saw Jon use this tactic, until I paid a little closer attention to him. He didn't lick his finger, oh no, that would have made sense (still a little gross, but....). He took his pointer finger, wiped his upper lip and used whatever he found there to separate the bags. Sweat? Maybe. Boogers? Possibly. Grosser than licking a finger? Definitely.

I'm just saying.

Friday, March 23, 2007

And Now We Wait

We made an offer on a house that is a whole mile away from our current house. When we first moved to town we had a rental on East Avenue, which is about 3 blocks away from us right now. We bought our first home, which was a mile or so away from East Avenue. Then we bought our current house, which is about a mile or so away from our first house. Now we are hoping to get this new (to us) house which is about a mile away. Are you sensing a pattern here? While you are thinking about it, I will put some pictures in for you to look at. The first is obviously the house. The next pic is of the living room, the next is the four season porch, and the last two are part of the upstairs bedrooms, which would be our bedroom. Keep your fingers crossed for us, ok? Please? Thanks!

For the Record

I will never, I repeat, NEVER, use carpet tape on an area rug that is on a hardwood floor again. Ever. Never ever again. I can't get the tape off of the floor. I've used the Magic Eraser, I've used baby oil, I've used good old fashioned elbow grease, and nothing has worked. Maybe we will sell the house with the rug.

Breast Cancer in Well Known Women

When you are a famous person, people tend to listen to you. This can be a good thing or a not so good thing. When it comes to famous women getting breast cancer, it's a little of both. It's good because you know that because of Melissa Ethridge and Elizabeth Edwards more women are getting better screening for breast cancer. Other women going through cancer look up to them as support and encouragement. They hear them tell the public that are expected to make a full recovery and we get all excited when we hear that they are cancer free. It would be interesting to see them behind the scenes though, and see if what they tell the public is actually how they feel and how they conduct their lives. I know that when I see these women on TV poo pooing the effect cancer has on their lives, I feel like a baby, just some woman who can't deal with the disease. I feel weak.

"Look, she can deal with it, and she can deal with it, why can't I"

Being a person who is surviving breast cancer, I know that I could never go out in public and say that I am expected to make a full recovery, and there are sunshine days ahead and, while we are at it, lets hold hand and skip through the meadow of wildflowers. I can't do that because I don't know that to be true. Yes, I can go by the numbers that I am given, but what the hell is a number? I have learned not to trust numbers, they tend to fail me.

But, what upsets me more than anything is this. I have a problem when famous people go on TV saying blah blah blah....cancer free...blah blah...full recovery...blah blah. Breast cancer is not to be treated like the common cold.

Women die from breast cancer. A lot. And to keep telling the public all about full recoveries, to me, diminishes how severe breast cancer can be. Is that doing the public a favor? I think not. Case in point, Elizabeth Edwards. Remember back when they went public? Things were going to be fine, not a big deal, FULL RECOVERY. Now, just yesterday she announced that she is terminal. Breast cancer will be what kills her. She was diagnosed the same year I was. That can easily be me. That is why breast cancer is not what a lot of the public thinks it is. It is sneaky, it can hide, it can spread like wildfire, it can kill.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Little Baby Doll

Nadia is three years old. Where does time go? Down the poop shoot, I guess.

In other news, we have been house hunting, and I think we might have a prospective. Dion will see it tomorrow, possibly tonight, and I will keep you posted.

For now I will post some pictures of, well, things.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Does It Make ANY Sense?

I was turned down for the genetic testing by our insurance. Again. For the third time in three years. I don't understand it at all. If I test positive for the BRCA 1 & 2, then I have an increased risk for ovarian cancer. I guess they would rather take that risk and have to pay for more cancer treatments than pay for the damn test and be able to do preventative surgery. I am frustrated, angry, sad, scared, and tired of all of this crap. I guess I am going to have to go the route of removing my ovaries, just to not take the chance. Ovarian cancer scares me way more than breast cancer. Anyway.....

We spent last weekend at Dion's parents house. We had a nice time and Saturday night played "Catch Phrase" for 6 hours. We laughed as hard in the first hour, as we did in the last. It is a fun game, and we might have to invest in it.

This past Saturday was also my Cancerversary. 3 years. Dion and I agreed that for future Cancerversaries, we will try to not have to be somewhere. It was a rough start, I thought the whole day would be rough, but it evened out. Dion and I snuggled in bed with the girls and talked a bit. I told him that it seemed like yesterday I was diagnosed. But the odd thing is that it feels like I have been fearing my death for much longer than 3 years. On one hand, time has flown by, on the other, it seems like every day is an eternity.

We have made a life changing decision. Well, I guess it's not that dramatic, but we have decided to move. Not out of town, just into a different home. I love our home, I like our big yard, I have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it, but I need to live in a home that doesn't contain the cancer memories this home does. I can see myself in our main floor bathroom, pulling chunks of hair off of my head. I can see Dion coming down the stairs holding the phone in his hand after talking to my 1st oncologist when she said there was nothing else that could be done for me. I can see Dion and I holding each other on the couch, sobbing, trying to grasp everything that was happening. I can see me standing in the doorway from the kitchen into the dining room having to tell my mom that her youngest daughter had cancer. I can see myself pacing in our living room, trying to decide the best route, mastectomy or lumpectomy. I can see myself spending hours in our bedroom, trying not to throw up. I can see myself sobbing in the shower for no particular reason because that was the only really safe place to do so.

It's time for a new start. A fresh start. And we have begun that process.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We'rrrrrrre Baaaaack!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but our Internet connection has been down for 2 days, and I have not had a chance to post, until now. We made the switch. We are tired of the cost of cable going up and up and up and up again, so we have bundled phone, Internet, and satellite for about the same cost as having cable and the Internet. Now we have dial up, which made me kind of nervous because we were very spoiled with the Internet through our cable. I have to say, if you are not switching because you think it will not be faster, you would be wrong. This is just as, and maybe a little bit more fast than it was through cable. And yes, you can use your phone while on the Internet. Hot dog! I am a satisfied customer. So, for those of you in the area, give Qwest a call and they can hook you up. On to other news.

I am patiently waiting to see if our insurance will cover the cost of the genetic testing. I met with the counselor who did a family tree. She believes that if I have the mutation, it may have come down my dad's side. But we will wait and see what happens. It was all very interesting, and I am happy I went to the appointment.

Ok, it's late and I have stuff to do, so I must go. For those of you who keep in contact through email, watch for our new phone number, okey-dokey?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Genetic Testing

The first step has been made for the genetic testing. My oncologist said before he will send a letter to the insurance company, it would be better if I saw a genetic counselor first. If they agree that I should be tested, that will be a little extra clout for insurance to approve it. I am waiting for the genetic counselors to call to set up an appointment. I have no clue really what to expect, but time will tell. Obviously. I love stating the obvious to people as to make myself look like an ass.

On another note, I have been asked by a friend (Dawn) not to use the term "alien baby" when referring to what I have been coughing up. I do not want to make my readers (Dawn) feel like they (Dawn) can't read my blog because it makes them gag when I say alien babies (Dawn). So, to any readers out there (Dawn) who I may have made a little ill, I am deeply sorry (Dawn) and I will think of another term to use that is less repulsive to people (Dawn).


Ok. How about one of the following, feel free to vote via comment section:

Mucus ball
Green glop
Karch (I found that on the web)
Chest cheese
Loogie boogie

I guess that's all I can come up with. Feel free to add your own, too.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I think at times I am coughing up alien babies. I could be wrong though. Either way, it's gross and one should not have to do such a thing. That's all I've got.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Head On...Apply Directly to The Forehead.....Head On...Apply Directly to The Forehead

I know you have seen that dreadful commercial and even the commercials that they have now making fun of their own first commercial. Dion claims that he hasn't seen the original, which is actually a good thing for him. They are so annoying, and they did their job in making the consumers remember their product.

I will go on record to say that I did not purchase this product, but it was given to me by my mom. It has been sitting in it's pretty little blue box up until Saturday night. I should have left it in the box.

I took it out, read the directions and took off the cap. It looked like a tiny roll deodorant. I started to rub it on my forehead, and was slightly depressed when it did nothing for my headache. Then I thought, well, I am having sinus pain under my eyes on my checks. Maybe it will help that.

Now, I know it says (over and over) to apply directly to the forehead, but skin is skin, right? Wrong. My skin burned, kind of like a harsh version of Vick's Vapor Rub. But not as effective.

But I guess it took the pain away from the sinus pressure. Or maybe I was just focusing on the fact that I thought my skin was going to peel off. Either way, I don't think I will put that stuff on my face anymore. I might try it on my forehead again when I have a regular old fashioned headache, until then, I will stick to my faux bed buddy.


Just wanted to tell you that (knock on wood) I have not had the flu this year. I did not get the flu shot. Last year I had it 4 or 5 times. I did get the flu shot last year.

I'm just saying.

Home Sick

Wait, I suppose that could be taken two ways, that either I miss my home, or that I am sick at home. In this case it is the latter. Although at times I think I would have a little more peace and quiet being at work, I don't really want to spread the phlegm machine illness to other people.

I canceled my surgery for this week. Actually, I left a message to cancel it, and I have not had a call back, so I will try again later I suppose. I am going to get in contact with my oncologist at Mayo and talk to him about the genetic testing and see what he thinks about that.

We have been watching the "My Name is Earl" seasons on DVD and I can't help but laugh at them. I love every character. They are so goofy, and I can't imagine anyone out there actually doing or saying some of the things they do/say, but I am sure those folks are out there.

That's all I have to report right now. Maybe I will get inspired later to write something worth while.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dang It!

It seems as though my health has decided to catch up to my body. Or, wait, maybe it is lagging behind. I'm not sure. Either way I have a heck of a sinus issue going on, and now my chest is getting heavy and I cough if I take too deep of a breath. My nodes are sore on my neck, and I just want to be able to smell things again.

Thankfully Dion is home and he can help out with the girls while I try my best to breathe.

I have been thinking about my ovaries and another issue has come up. I have yet to cancel my surgery, which to me says something, but I will do that on Monday. I am now thinking of just postponing it for now. The issues of the BRCA 1 & 2 genetic mutations have come up in talking with Dion last night, and that was something I had not considered. I want to ask my insurance again if they will cover the testing, and that will play a part in my decision. More on that later. I have to go bury myself under blankets and the couch.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Get Bigger? No Thanks.

We keep getting these emails on how to get bigger, 8+ inches, as a matter of fact. Is there any way to have this craziness stop?

Ummm...Well, I Don't Know

It is Friday. It is day 2 of part 2 of the snowstorms we have had in the past week. I did go out and snow blow yesterday, which to my great relief was not nearly as hard as the first time. Of course I only had to get through about 4 or 5 inches, as opposed to the 10 last weekend. I looked out the window when I got up today, and it seems like the beautiful job of snow blowing I did, is gone. Oh well. I will mention too that our friends Jeff and Heidi called yesterday and offered to help me with the snow since Dion was out of town, which was incredibly sweet and thoughtful. I figured I would be ok though with the less amount of snow. So here's a big Thank you to them for offering to help me. The girls and I were able to play for a bit after I was done working, which was a lot of fun. Their little cheeks were so pink! They looked like they were out of a photograph.

I started feeling a little poopy yesterday with my sinuses, sore throat, and a little cough. Today I am just dealing with the sore throat and sinuses. I think that I am just incredibly tired and need a break.

As far as the sad faces on the girl's bedroom door.......they have gotten 3 faces every night. We did talk last night about thinking before they do things. I asked them to ask themselves if whatever they were doing would make me happy or mad. They seemed to understand the concept as I went through a list of hypothetical ideas. Example (which isn't really an example, it's something they did): putting soap, the soap dish, and a pair of underwear in the toilet. Would that make me happy or mad? Can you understand them? Why would they do that? If I ask them they say, "Because we did". Well no kidding! I know that already, I was looking for a reason. What exactly goes through a kids head that makes them think putting undies in the toilet is a GOOD thing?

Sometimes I feel like I am getting no where with these girls. Other times, I can see it clicking. Do I rejoice in the clicks, or wallow while pulling a bar of Dove out of the toilet? It is exhausting.

Now I will add some of our cabin fever pictures for all to enjoy.
Disclaimer: Nadia put the clothespin on her own lip. I did not do it. Claire tired to do it too and she cried.