Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Vant to Suck Your Blooooood!

I went back to the clinic to do a re-test of my cholesterol. Not good....again. Even after being put on medication. So my doctor asked what he is going to do with me, and decided on trying another medication that he thinks will work better. Here's a little synapse of my blood work...






Now, I don't know what some of that means, but I do know that there are issues. In my defense though, one of the cancer meds I am on make your triglycerides go up. Not that I am making excuses......

Trying to Enjoy

I have been messing around with my blog trying to add some new things, and while I try and remember that this is for fun, I tend to get a little frustrated with my lack of knowledge when it comes to this stuff.

So you will see some changes (inspired by another blogger who just changed hers, thank Eliza!) and hopefully all will be well.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

HA! It Worked!

Here are the pictures from before that I mentioned. These are taken at our neighbors house. Dewey is in one of the pictures. He is one of the only two boys the girls will admit to liking. They always have fun when they all play together, which is pretty darn cool.

Some Winter Wonderland Fun

We were invited next door to play in the snow. So we did.

That was going to be my post along with some fun pictures, but for some reason I can't get them to load on to the page. I have to get off of this website before I go insane.......too late.

Happy Holidays!

If you want to see a bunch of Christmas pictures, click below. If not, well then, there's nothing else to read in this post.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What I Want

I want so bad to be able to be positive about re-checks. I want to go in with a huge smile on my face, with no fear, with the confidence of a superstar, and mean it. Instead, I go in acting like I have no fear, all the confidence in the world, but still, with a smile on my face. It never really gets bad until I get the dang paper work from Mayo to fill out. I haven't done that yet since my appointment is about a month and a half away. I haven't filled it out because it asks if there is anything that you want to talk to your doctor about. What if I fill it out now, but a week before I go in I have these headaches that won't go away, or the pain I have in my hip is worse, what if I miss telling the doctor something because I filled out the paperwork early? Nope, I have to wait.

I can feel myself slipping a little closer each time. Like I am almost ready to accept that I just may be ok. But, when I get to that point, where I am so close, fear grabs me by the shoulders and says....

"Remember? Remember when you were so confident? Do you remember what happened?

And while it turned out to not be cancer returning, it was enough to scare me into never getting that comfy. But I really really want to. I just don't know how.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am Sorry

I am writing this because Dion is almost in tears that I have not created another post to say in public (except in the comment area) that I apologize to Darin. I was wrong, I misunderstood Dion's comment on the Santa picture post. Darin is NOT a TRAITOR....I repeat, DARIN IS NOT A TRAITOR! Never ever go around saying that Darin is a traitor because you would be wrong.

Good day.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ding Dong Ding Dong

Hark! Do I hear wedding bells?!?

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Brother-in-law Darin


How could you tell him?!? Now I will have to post pictures of you on my afraid....very afraid.....bwah-ha-ha-haaaaaa!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dang It

Last night my theory of not getting sick went down the toilet.....literally. But I am feeling much better today, even eating some cereal. Go me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's See How Long

Anyone want to take some bets on how long it is until Dion's notices that I have this picture on my blog? Don't spill the beans Charlie!!

Some Pictures For All to Enjoy

A Second Happy Family Update

Dion came home from work early today, with......yep, the flu. I have been the only one to avoid it so far and I have a theory. I think because I am still on antibiotics from my sinus infection, that I have a super duper immune system right now. Either that or come Christmas I will be throwing up, not really wanting to eat all the yummy cookies and cakes and treats. Yeah, that sounds more like how things go for me. I can hardly wait.

A Happy Family Update

Just to let you know that in the last 3 days, everyone in this house (minus Dion and I for the time) has had or has the flu.

I have not gotten my Christmas cards out yet. Too much puking going on here........

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does Anyone Else Just Not Feel It?

I don't know what my problem is this year, but I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood. I have yet to send out cards (I am going to try and address them tomorrow), I am lacking in the gift buying department, and all we have in our house is a lonely Christmas tree. And it really isn't decorated all that well.

I don't feel the merriment of the season, and in fact, I have been so busy that right now, to me, the holidays don't exist quite yet. Maybe the fact that they (meaning retailers) bring out holiday stuff when we are plum in the middle of Halloween, has something to do with it. Or maybe it's the constant whining from the girls that just makes me want to buy socks for them, and nothing else. I don't know. It just seems that lately I have been saying to myself that when this week is over, things will be better. Then I say it again the next week. Then the next. My head is spinning at times.

I am trying to be more patient with the girls, but I swear, they know when I am mentally not doing so hot and push my buttons even more. Is that like the first rule of being a child? For example, I have asked Nadia ten thousand times when I put her in her car seat to not rub her snowy boots on my legs. Guess what she did today. I asked Claire to throw away her lollipop stick in the garbage and she said she did. I found it on the landing of the basement stairs. Don't get me wrong, they are good kids, but once in a while they get in this streak of just really trying to give me gray hair.

So here I sit, just not feeling the holiday feeling, even though I did listen to a Christmas cd today. It was the second disk of a two disk set. I can't find the first disk, the one that I actually like, and wouldn't you just know that to be the case?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Day 7

I am on day 7 of antibiotics, and was hoping that I would feel almost 100% by now. That is not the case.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


So we had 5 children aged 5 and under in our house, and it was awesome! Natalie and Darin came for a visit with their kids Mark, Liza, and Gabe. The kids had a blast, and played Uno quite a bit. It is so fun to watch our kids become friends with our friend's kids. Did that make sense?