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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Claire Is 5!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The first day of school for the girls. They grow up so fast!

What?!? September's Almost Over?

Where did this month go? It has been so busy around here, that I guess it is no surprise that I missed almost the whole month. Let's focus on some highlights, shall we?

Claire turned five this month. Where did those five years go? She obviously missed the cut-off date of September 1st to go into kindergarten, but I am kind of happy about that. Having her in another year of preschool won't do her any harm, and it's fun for the girls to know that they go to the same school. Plus, I would rather Claire be one of the oldest in the class than the youngest. I was older than most and enjoyed it.

This month (also Claire's birthday) was our 9th anniversary too. But because it falls on Claire's birthday we sort of push it to the side until we can have a little time for ourselves. 9 years. Where did they go too?

We got a treadmill from Dion's parents and I am on it every other day. I listen to my MP3 and walk/run my fool heart out. Kelsey and I use it on opposite days...I am waiting to see if Dion will brave it next. After using it today, I showered and then have spent the rest of the day doing laundry and cleaning the house. This is my break before I tackle the kitchen.

Kelsey is getting a nice little break from the girls right now. She is at my mom's house watching Phantom of the Opera, her favorite film. She has been applying to different jobs, and is hoping to start working soon. Like I said before, we love having her around, and the girls are rather thrilled too. She has been talking about what she wants to do as a career, and a pastry chef has come up in conversation, but you know how it is when you are 18. I don't understand how they expect kids that age to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I know I had no clue, and in some ways, still don't.

Ok, off to clean the kitchen. Jealous?

Oh, and by the way.....a special message for The Older know who you are....I can't even begin to list the ways that I am cool. There are far too many. In fact, I am so cool that I wouldn't mind doing dinner with you are the better half one of these YEARS! That's right....I said better half. Check your calender so we can finally line something up. And stop the whining. I don't want to hear it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All Hopes Dashed

A little hand held game appeared from somewhere. On it has 5 different casino type, blackjack, slots and such.....and every time I used the potty I would play a hand or two or ten. Sometimes slots, sometimes cards. Sometimes I was bold enough to do both! Oooooo....Ahhhhh! Then I decided to stick to slots because the highest payout I would get would be $50,000. I saw my total going up and up and down and up and down, I was getting pretty pumped since I saw my total was surpassing $400,000.....$700,000. I was on my way to getting $1,000,000 and I could hardly wait (I know, I know...I need to get out more). I wanted to be able to see that number and dream about what I would do with that money. Would I save a huge chunk? Would I buy crazy things like a $6000 shower curtain? I didn't know.

One fine day I looked at my total and it was at $999,999! What were the odds of that happening?!? All it took was one more win, and I would hit the million mark. What would I do with a million dollars? Lots! Lots I say!! I push the button and win $200! I look at my total. $999,999. What the hell? Where was my million dollars? I tried again, just in case there was a malfunction. I won $50,000 that time. I looked at my total. $999,999. Again. The stupid hand held game didn't go up to one million dollars.

It took me a few days to pick up that dream crushing contraption again. I am now trying blackjack, but the number 999,999 just makes me angry now. Unless of course it was real money, then I could force a smile.

Friday, September 14, 2007

What's Harder?

I have mentioned before that it is hard work to look cool driving a mini-van. Now I ask you this....Is it harder to look cool driving a mini-van or wearing orthotics? I will let you know in a week or so when my orthotics are back from the Orthotics-R-Us store. Until then I am rocking the mini-van look.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Can't Catch Up

Things have been so busy on my end of the world that I understand why I felt totally refreshed after sleeping 12 hours the other night. 12. That's all it took. Until the next week starts and I try to catch up with everything again.

A week ago Saturday, my mom and I drove down to Milwaukee to get my niece who is now living with us. We left on Sunday, so it was a tiring weekend just from the driving. She is getting settled, and now has a little one attached to her side. Nadia has a new best friend. They are all doing so well together, which is good, and slowly I am trying to get it through the heads of the girls that when Kelsey tells them something, they will listen. One day we will get there. Kelsey has been a huge help around the house, with us never having to ask her to do anything. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to come home from work and things are put away and there is Kelsey waiting to greet us. The next step is to find her a job, and then in the spring she will be going to the tech school here. She will get her generals done at a fraction of the cost, and then will have to decide what to do from there. I am doing what I can to guide her in a positive direction, but she really does make it easy.

Work has been nutty. I am pushing 30 hours of comp time and I am not sure when I will be able to use those, but time will tell. It was the first week of school last week for the district. To say things were crazy would be an understatement. I put in in extra 7 hours of work just last week alone. Tomorrow Claire is on her way to preschool, and Nadia is on her way the next day. I will have to keep writing things down just to keep it straight when what kids is going to school when and for how long and all that other jazz.

I am going back to the foot doctor tomorrow for an issue I don't think I have mentioned before, but this will be my 3rd visit. The last visit they gave me a cortisone show....IN......THE.....SIDE.....OF.....MY.....FOOT! I told her she got one shot (buh dump bump) and that was it. I will never do another cortisone shot in my foot ever again. There has been talk about surgery but we will see. I am going to see if I can get a copy of the x-ray of my foot and try and post it on here.

Ok, the girls are being naughty and they need to go to bed, so I must get going. I will try to be better at posting when things settle down a little bit for me. Later.