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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lifehouse's Everything Skit

This is very well done.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Welcome back to the 80's my friend......Claire is now sporting a fine looking mullet compliments of her self-haircut, and after only 4 years of growing out Nadia's bangs, she cut herself some new ones. Anytime you want to mail me the "Mom of the Year" certificate, feel free. I think we have found out what Claire is NOT going to be when she grows up. The question now is, do I try and cut the mullet off, giving Claire ultra short hair, or do I leave it? Let me know what you think.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The New News on My Dad

I went to Mayo with my parents to talk to the oncologist about my dad wanting to stop chemo. The doctor agrees that the treatments are doing more harm than good right now. So the plan is to stop the treatments and in three months have another PET scan and blood work done to make sure that he is still in remission. That's about all we can ask for. His spirits were lifted and for the first time in a long time I saw him smiling like he meant it. I saw it in his eyes, in his face, and heard it in his voice. I hope he can bounce back as fast as possible, with the understanding that these things take time.

Next on the medical agenda is my mom's hernia. It is large and in charge. It is still causing her skin to break open and bleed. It is still causing her a large amount of pain (that she never admits to) and it needs to be taken care of soon. This one will be a biggie. Can you imagine trying to repair a hole the size of a volleyball in a person's body? Yuck. More details on that will follow when my mom goes to the surgeon.

I am going back to the ENT next Tuesday because it seems that since using the steroid spray things have gotten worse. Maybe there is another brand they can give me to try or something.

I guess that's it for now, other than fissure issues again, but most people don't want to talk about that stuff. I should tell you though, that when I use the bathroom I play video Yahtzee to try and keep my mind off of the pain. The last time I played I got......718!!! Yes folks, that's right! You are not reading numbers backwards or anything. I got 4 Yahtzee's that game!! How much do I rule? Go ahead....tell me....I'll let you.

False arrest dance party

We saw this clip last night on TV and every time I hear it, I laugh until I am in pain. People are odd, but dang! They are funny!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


That's just the number of posts that I have created from this crazy mind of mine. I guess I really only have some random thoughts to share for a moment since I am being called to watch a movie.
  • I am going to Mayo with my dad tomorrow to see what the doctor will say about my dad deciding to stop treatment.
  • I don't understand what the steroid spray is supposed to do. Unless the answer is nothing, then it is doing a great job.
  • One of my biggest competitors for summer day care does not have a place to rent this summer (so far) so it seems like my program may grow a bit. Or it may not. We will see.
  • My head hurts and Dion is currently making it hurt more by interrupting my thought process.
  • I am so excited that The Deadliest Catch started it's new season this week. I think I would like to just hang out with Sig and have a beer or two.
  • I am mad because I thought I taped Idol tonight, but alas, it did not work.
  • I have to stop before Dion gets all upset that I am still blogging.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

34 Degrees?!? 34 DEGRESS?!?!?

Why the heck is it so cold outside? Although I have to say that Monday night's low is supposed to be 26. The high for Tuesday? 70. Go figure.

I went to the ENT and got this steroid nose spray that is supposed to help with the sinus issues I have had all of my life. All it does is run back out of my nose and give me a headache. I imagine some of it is getting up there since my head hurts, but it can't be much. I also found out that I have a deviated septum. Interesting huh? There are also spots in my nose where there is supposed to be tunnel like things that go from the sinus to the nasal cavity. My are blocked. I love sinuses!

I have been going through all of our medical bills lately in my mind. Do you suppose there will be a time that we don't owe money for medical things? Ever? Let's see, shall we, what we owe at this exact moment.....

Mayo: $800
RW Hospital: $1700
RW Clinic: $800
Dental: $1600

Yeah...I think we will always owe money to these people. It makes my head hurt more.

My dad is supposed to go back to Mayo on the 17th. I say supposed to because I don't know if he has decided to go or not. I don't know either if he is still set on not finishing chemo. I don't know much of anything, do I?

Yesterday I slept until after 12pm. Then fell back asleep in my grandma's recliner by 3pm until after 5pm. I was shocked when it was 7pm and it felt so early. Go figure.

Have to fly....head is hurting more and my nose is dripping steroids.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Some Pictures

This and That

  • We went to Illinois for my sister-in-law's baby shower this past weekend. You think gas prices are bad here.....$3.44 a gallon there! Anyway, it was awesome and I am very happy we went!
  • Since Dion and I have been together (almost 11 years now) I have done the same thing when we get to the tolls. I always tell him to get a receipt. He said no every time, knowing that I was just trying to get him to do it. He was flustered at the $1 toll so I told him to get a receipt.......and he did! It was pee-your-pants-funny! I laughed quite a bit at that.
  • I go to the ENT today to talk about my sinuses. I have two words for the doctor (who happens to be a neighbor)....."They suck".
  • In 9 days my dad goes back to the oncologist and I think that is when he is going to tell him that he doesn't want to do chemo anymore. There's still time to change his mind though, if he wants to.
  • I hate the process of taking a shower. I love actually being in the shower, it's the before and after that I don't like. Is that odd?
  • Claire goes to Kindergarten next fall. I am not sure that I am ready for that.
  • I am so excited for Darin and Bree to start their family. I have always been. But sometimes it is hard to see pregnant women knowing that I can never feel that again. I still would like to adopt.
  • That's all for now, I suppose.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One More Day

Tomorrow afternoon we will be living like kings. Well, at least sleeping like kings. We are getting a king size bed and I can hardly even wait!! The other night in the bed was me, then Nadia, then Claire. Somewhere in the bed were also a dog and maybe a few cats. Dion decided to come up from sleeping on the couch and decided that the only spot left was at the foot of the bed. So he was crunched up there, I couldn't stretch my legs out, and the kids were happy as they could be. Lucky little limb people.

Yesterday school let out early. Today it was closed. Right now it is sunny and beautiful out. That's some April Fool's day joke that Mother Nature played on us!