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Sunday, April 13, 2008

34 Degrees?!? 34 DEGRESS?!?!?

Why the heck is it so cold outside? Although I have to say that Monday night's low is supposed to be 26. The high for Tuesday? 70. Go figure.

I went to the ENT and got this steroid nose spray that is supposed to help with the sinus issues I have had all of my life. All it does is run back out of my nose and give me a headache. I imagine some of it is getting up there since my head hurts, but it can't be much. I also found out that I have a deviated septum. Interesting huh? There are also spots in my nose where there is supposed to be tunnel like things that go from the sinus to the nasal cavity. My are blocked. I love sinuses!

I have been going through all of our medical bills lately in my mind. Do you suppose there will be a time that we don't owe money for medical things? Ever? Let's see, shall we, what we owe at this exact moment.....

Mayo: $800
RW Hospital: $1700
RW Clinic: $800
Dental: $1600

Yeah...I think we will always owe money to these people. It makes my head hurt more.

My dad is supposed to go back to Mayo on the 17th. I say supposed to because I don't know if he has decided to go or not. I don't know either if he is still set on not finishing chemo. I don't know much of anything, do I?

Yesterday I slept until after 12pm. Then fell back asleep in my grandma's recliner by 3pm until after 5pm. I was shocked when it was 7pm and it felt so early. Go figure.

Have to fly....head is hurting more and my nose is dripping steroids.

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