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Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Time My Friends

If you have been inked, you know what I am talking about. The need, desire, to go back for more, and I am a feelin' it! I will be heading to the parlour with my long time friend Brandy, to hang out and get inked. YES! I have about a month to figure out exactly what I want. I have been thinking for about 3 months now.

Here are some pictures of my current tats...I started with the moon, a year later added the star, about another year later added the planets, and of course 3 years ago got my ribbon. Tah dah!
I have been thinking and thinking, and I am leaning towards a tree going through the changing seasons. I have been looking all over fora picture I like, and I have ended up drawing a tree that I will probably take with me and have them work their magic on it.
Any thoughts or ideas, let me know.

Friday, June 22, 2007

In the Still of the Night

It was a little past midnight last night when I stepped outside. Everyone else was sleeping inside, so I took the opportunity to enjoy nature. I was kind of hoping to get another good storm, minus the hail, because I love a good storm. But I got something much better than a storm. I was sitting on the front step, taking in the night, when I saw a movement in the dark. I sat as still as I could, to see what would happen. Across the street, a deer was walking down the driveway, and into the street, heading up the hill.

Once the deer got into the light of the streetlight, she picked up the pace and trotted up the road. That is, until she got back into the darkness, then she went back to walking. I was amazed at the sight. She knew that to be in the light, even artificial light, was dangerous for her. I can still hear the sounds of her hooves clicking on the street. Nature has, and always will, remain close to my heart.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Friend Patsy Poopy is Coming Over to Play!

That's right, my loyal readers, remember Patsy Poopy? Let me refresh your memories, a short jog of the brain, if you will. I went to Ohio to see Patsy Poopy graduate from grad school last year. Maybe this will trigger a memory or two...we partied like rock stars. Huh? Huh? Ring a bell? No? Hmmm...that's all I got on that subject.

Anyway, she is coming for a little visit on Sunday and Monday (not sure if she is staying through Tuesday). The last time she saw the girls, Nadia was a newborn, and Claire was 18 months old. Where the hell does time go?

I don't have a whole bunch of stuff planned, but I do know we are going to hit the casino to win our retirement funds. Or lose them. Either one. I have known Tricia (that's her real name for those who don't know) for oh, 11 or 12 years. I can't believe it has been that long. She hasn't changed a single bit since then, and I love her dearly. Maybe I can get some good pictures of us so she can be all famous in my blog. Famous in my blog......I'm so funny.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slip And Slide...And Be Sore

We broke out the slip and slide and put it on our hill. The girls were having so much fun that Dion thought he would take it for a spin...or slide...whatever. I reminded him that he hadn't done this in about 20 or so years.....he paid for it the next day.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

To The Tune of "My Boyfriend's Back"

My fissure's back and it's gonna make me bleed, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
I hate that thing it's not really what I need, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
I thought it was gone, I guess that was untrue, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
Now I am not so sure about what I'm going to do, hey-now, hey-now, my fissure's back.

Hey, it's gonna get me cryin',
And, you know I'm not a lyin'!

This thing I have really does likes to hide, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
You can't see it, it's hiding inside, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
It's been about 3 years since it first made itself known, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
I think the stupid thing really has grown, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.

What made me think that he was gone for good? Waoooooo, waooooooo!
Now it feels like I am pooping wood. Waoooooo, waoooooooo!
Get me tucks!

My fissure's back, there's no more use, hey-now, hey-now, my fissure's back.
It hurts so much I can hardly stand the abuse, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
Maybe I could switch to a liquid diet, hey-now hey-now my fissure's back.
Fiber doesn't work so there's no need to buy it, hey-now, hey-now, my fissure's back.

Hey I can feel things a tearin', I hope I soon start repairin' waoooooo, waooooooo..let er rip! Ouch!

My fissure's back and it's causing me great pain, hey-now hey-now, my fissure's back.
Watch out world this might make me go insane, hey-now, hey-now, my fissure's back.

Hey-now, hey-now my fissure's back
Hey-now, hey-now, my fissure's back..........................

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Yes, it is everywhere. When I was younger, I developed a little bit (a lot) faster than my peers. I hated the word "breast", I just couldn't say it. I spent a lot of time hiding my chest and by high school I have evened out to be like everyone else. Then I go and get cancer, and what kind? BREAST! Breast breast breast......somehow if I put the word cancer behind, it doesn't sound as bad as when I was young. Then I had them removed. All that was left of my original chest were two 5 inch long scars. I walked differently, to hide the fact that I didn't have breasts. Then I had reconstruction, and I just may be able to knock myself out with these girls. Everything old is new again.

Now, some other ironic thoughts. Just something to think about....

What if, down the road they find out that sunblock causes cancer?

How come all the things I have done to save myself (chemo, radiation, medications, etc) can cause cancer?

When we lived on Washington St, we had great neighbors across the street from us. When we moved to 9th St, we found out their daughter rented the duplex across the street.

The lady who would drive Claire to and from preschool, is married to someone who grew up in my hometown (4-5 hours from here).

I am drawing a blank. Must be the sunburn.

Friday, June 15, 2007

You Know What I Hate?

I hate it when I get fortune cookies, and instead of a fortune, they give me advise. I hate that.

I hate it when driving I decide to pass up the rest stop because "I don't have to go" and 10 minutes later, my eyes are watering.

I hate that we are not having any action on our house and we have lowered the price. That just pisses me off.

I hate that because of my sunburn, I have to put on Dermoplast spray and my hair gets in it and it looks like I haven't showered in weeks.

I hate it when I think my headaches will just go away so I don't take anything for it, and it just gets worse.

I hate the thought that maybe our dishwasher is not working so well.

I hate bug bites.

I hate that I lack patience with the girls.

I hate that some people have no clue.

I know there's more out there that I hate, but I find myself just getting angry at all of this hate. SO........

I love the summer night sounds.

I love that I have one girly girl and one tomboy.

I love to watch the girls play well together, like they are right now.

I love marshmallows.

I love to put hot chocolate mix into cold milk and eat the magma it forms.

I love dinner mints.

On days like today, I love AC.

I love watching the red headed woodpecker try so very hard to find bugs in the telephone pole.

I love the sound of water splashing outside, not so much in the bath tub.

I love the sound of some wind chimes...not the tinny sound, but true wind chimes.

I love to laugh hard.

I would love to know the person I am now a little bit better.

Dang The Sun is Hot

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas a gigantic nuclear furnace!

I like They Might Be Giants and their clever little songs that are so cheery. So I wrote about my working environment a few days ago. Yesterday for work 2 other staff and I took a group of kids to the local pool. I did not wear sunscreen.....go ahead...yell....and I am paying the price today. But I will not complain because it was my own fault. But on my defense, I have to get that initial burn to save myself from burning all summer. Shut it, it does make sense. To me.

Since it is, yet again, over 90 degrees today, we spent the morning outside and now we are inside. But heading off to the pool and actually the whole summer program, makes me long to be back in camping. I miss the lake, I miss campfires, I miss my friends, I miss the person I was at camp, I miss the kids, I miss the snorting deer, I miss all-camp games. I miss the cabins, the weekends, the food. It has been 10 years since I worked at camp. I guess you can take the girl out of the camp, but not the camp out of the girl. We have another staff reunion this coming October, and I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Frozen Sweat

Sounds like an oxymoron, huh? I thought so too, but that is the best way for me to describe my working environment. Let me explain.

As I have stated before, I work in my own little office, alone, with all of my friends. That office is in the back of a classroom, room 160. The past few days have been rather hot, in the 90's for example. Now, my program is run out of the commons, so that is where my staff and the kids are hanging out all day. If you are bold enough to enter my office, you would soon find that sweat is a rollin' down your face, back, chest, legs, and unmentionables. Why, you ask? The AC for that part of the school is, ummm, what do you call it, ah yes that's's gone down the crap shoot. I haven't had air in my office for going on 2 weeks now. Hot? The devil is breathing down my back in more ways than one.

So I venture out into the commons to see how things are going, and my body goes into shock. It is friggin freezing in there! My sweat instantly stops running down my body and turns into this slushy like substance (ok, not really, but you get the point).

As you understand, the AC in the commons is also not working but in the opposite direction. It WON'T stop cooling. There's no way I am going to get through this without getting sick.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Am Having A Tough Time....

Thinking about what to write today. I did go to Milwaukee this past weekend to celebrate my oldest niece's graduation. Fine. I admit it. I cried, but just a little. We had a nice family get together and the weather was beautiful as opposed to the heat wave back home. I went by myself which gave me lots of thinking time in the car. That was nice, although I did not come up with any conclusions. Surprise.

We are going to lower the price of our house as we are not getting anywhere. The other house we will be removing our offer since they don't feel the need to get back to us about ANYTHING. Jerks. We do have another house in mind that would need some work, but it would pay off big time in the long run. More on that later.

It if officially summer and my summer program started yesterday. We had 30 kids, a pretty good group. I am supposed to go swimming on Thursday with them, but we'll see about the weather and such. Speaking of, it is now 90 degrees outside. We came in just in time I guess. What the heck is July going to be like if we are already in the 90's?

Ok, I guess my ultra-exciting, super fun entry must come to an end....thank God.

And Yet Again....More Pictures!

Just thought I would throw some more pictures on here, just because.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

La Da Dee Dow Dow

I can't remember the name of that 80's (or is it 90's) song....something about "She's broken...lalala". I can't remember. I hate having random songs stuck in my head especially when I can't remember the words. You know what else I hate? I hate when my contacts feel like they are peeling the blue right off of my eye. I have to blink really hard to try and lube (that's right, I said lube) my eyeballs back up.

You should know, too, that every day that I have the girls in the car, we have to listen to the Shrek CD, the song, Believer, on repeat. Over and over again. I am no longer a believer.

They say that taking a bath calms children down. I think I forgot to place that quality order in my kids as they tend to run around the house half naked their little curls flowing behind them.

Today was rather rainy. Heavy cold rain, might I add. I was in my office and the sirens went off, I ran to the window thinking we were all going to die. I ran out into the hall, and here were some students walking room to room with a teacher doing the recycling. Didn't they know we were all about to die? Why weren't they scared and running for cover? I thought I would brave it to the doors and take another peek outside. I stood there for a few minutes wondering why no one was taking cover (including myself). I saw a custodian who commented on the amount of rain we were getting, and then it clicked. Today is the first Wednesday of the month. The day they do a drill with the siren. Uhem...I calmed down and agreed with the custodian on the crazy amount of rain we were getting, and slipped back into my office. I have my own office, and I work alone, so I had no one to make fun of me, so feel free to do so now.

That's all I've got.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nice Weather

I took the girls to a park, actually, two parks, but since they both peed at the first one, within minutes of each other, we had to high tail it outta there to go home and get cleaned up so we could go to another one. Thankfully no one was at the first park and thankfully it happened on the steps and not on the slide.

So I thought I would post some pictures for you since I haven't done that in quite some time.

Nothing, Really.

And it's true. I have nothing to write about. I could talk about the stupid popcorn kernel stuck in my tooth, or I could talk about the hair I have to pluck. Or maybe I could chat about the in-grown hair I had on my leg about a week ago that was a challenge to remove but I did it. How about the never ending saga of the whole house thing, which now that I think about it, I don't want to talk about that. It's too depressing.

We could discuss that I should have gotten gas on Sunday because now it is $.09 higher. Here's a fun one, Nadia will put on footie jammies just so she can slide down the stairs on her stomach, feet first. She can go really really fast, laughing the whole way down.

Ok, have to go get that hair plucked.