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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slip And Slide...And Be Sore

We broke out the slip and slide and put it on our hill. The girls were having so much fun that Dion thought he would take it for a spin...or slide...whatever. I reminded him that he hadn't done this in about 20 or so years.....he paid for it the next day.


Shari said...


I never tried the Slip 'n Slide. :(

That looks like fun!

I'm sure the girls loved it, though. Why is it that we don't remember soreness as a kid? The earliest I remember being sore was after a try-out for volleyball during my freshman year in high school.

Amalia said...

This has all the makings of an awesome UTube video. Next time you should take out the video camera and make some bucks!


PS I'm insanely jealous... my mom never let us have a slip-n-slide.