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Friday, June 15, 2007

You Know What I Hate?

I hate it when I get fortune cookies, and instead of a fortune, they give me advise. I hate that.

I hate it when driving I decide to pass up the rest stop because "I don't have to go" and 10 minutes later, my eyes are watering.

I hate that we are not having any action on our house and we have lowered the price. That just pisses me off.

I hate that because of my sunburn, I have to put on Dermoplast spray and my hair gets in it and it looks like I haven't showered in weeks.

I hate it when I think my headaches will just go away so I don't take anything for it, and it just gets worse.

I hate the thought that maybe our dishwasher is not working so well.

I hate bug bites.

I hate that I lack patience with the girls.

I hate that some people have no clue.

I know there's more out there that I hate, but I find myself just getting angry at all of this hate. SO........

I love the summer night sounds.

I love that I have one girly girl and one tomboy.

I love to watch the girls play well together, like they are right now.

I love marshmallows.

I love to put hot chocolate mix into cold milk and eat the magma it forms.

I love dinner mints.

On days like today, I love AC.

I love watching the red headed woodpecker try so very hard to find bugs in the telephone pole.

I love the sound of water splashing outside, not so much in the bath tub.

I love the sound of some wind chimes...not the tinny sound, but true wind chimes.

I love to laugh hard.

I would love to know the person I am now a little bit better.


Jay said...

Excellent observations. The fortune cookie, woodpecker and the wind chimes made me think. I have a "tinny sound" wind chime, but I like it because it's subtle. You don't really hear it unless you think about it.

acomedianswife said...

I do the same thing with hot chocolate. In fact, sometimes I only put in a little milk and make a hot chocolate paste and eat it. YUM!

Sue Flaska said...

YES! Someone else who loves magma! My husband thought I was crazy, but guess what he likes now? Yes, magma.

And Jay, we actually have 2 woodpeckers in the area, one is little and one is HUGE! Only the big one pokes on the pole. Odd.