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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Yes, it is everywhere. When I was younger, I developed a little bit (a lot) faster than my peers. I hated the word "breast", I just couldn't say it. I spent a lot of time hiding my chest and by high school I have evened out to be like everyone else. Then I go and get cancer, and what kind? BREAST! Breast breast breast......somehow if I put the word cancer behind, it doesn't sound as bad as when I was young. Then I had them removed. All that was left of my original chest were two 5 inch long scars. I walked differently, to hide the fact that I didn't have breasts. Then I had reconstruction, and I just may be able to knock myself out with these girls. Everything old is new again.

Now, some other ironic thoughts. Just something to think about....

What if, down the road they find out that sunblock causes cancer?

How come all the things I have done to save myself (chemo, radiation, medications, etc) can cause cancer?

When we lived on Washington St, we had great neighbors across the street from us. When we moved to 9th St, we found out their daughter rented the duplex across the street.

The lady who would drive Claire to and from preschool, is married to someone who grew up in my hometown (4-5 hours from here).

I am drawing a blank. Must be the sunburn.

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