Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Time My Friends

If you have been inked, you know what I am talking about. The need, desire, to go back for more, and I am a feelin' it! I will be heading to the parlour with my long time friend Brandy, to hang out and get inked. YES! I have about a month to figure out exactly what I want. I have been thinking for about 3 months now.

Here are some pictures of my current tats...I started with the moon, a year later added the star, about another year later added the planets, and of course 3 years ago got my ribbon. Tah dah!
I have been thinking and thinking, and I am leaning towards a tree going through the changing seasons. I have been looking all over fora picture I like, and I have ended up drawing a tree that I will probably take with me and have them work their magic on it.
Any thoughts or ideas, let me know.


Amalia said...

I SO know what you are talking about - tattoos are like cats (you can never have just one). I've had mine for eight years and have yet to get another one. But every time I see a nice one or watch Miami Ink, I am ready for my next tattoo. I'm totally jealous that you are getting a new one! Show us what it looks like as soon as you can.


Kim said...

I am fishing for another one too...I want to go to Miami Ink though. I suppose somewhere in Minnesota will do.