Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Am Having A Tough Time....

Thinking about what to write today. I did go to Milwaukee this past weekend to celebrate my oldest niece's graduation. Fine. I admit it. I cried, but just a little. We had a nice family get together and the weather was beautiful as opposed to the heat wave back home. I went by myself which gave me lots of thinking time in the car. That was nice, although I did not come up with any conclusions. Surprise.

We are going to lower the price of our house as we are not getting anywhere. The other house we will be removing our offer since they don't feel the need to get back to us about ANYTHING. Jerks. We do have another house in mind that would need some work, but it would pay off big time in the long run. More on that later.

It if officially summer and my summer program started yesterday. We had 30 kids, a pretty good group. I am supposed to go swimming on Thursday with them, but we'll see about the weather and such. Speaking of, it is now 90 degrees outside. We came in just in time I guess. What the heck is July going to be like if we are already in the 90's?

Ok, I guess my ultra-exciting, super fun entry must come to an end....thank God.

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