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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

La Da Dee Dow Dow

I can't remember the name of that 80's (or is it 90's) song....something about "She's broken...lalala". I can't remember. I hate having random songs stuck in my head especially when I can't remember the words. You know what else I hate? I hate when my contacts feel like they are peeling the blue right off of my eye. I have to blink really hard to try and lube (that's right, I said lube) my eyeballs back up.

You should know, too, that every day that I have the girls in the car, we have to listen to the Shrek CD, the song, Believer, on repeat. Over and over again. I am no longer a believer.

They say that taking a bath calms children down. I think I forgot to place that quality order in my kids as they tend to run around the house half naked their little curls flowing behind them.

Today was rather rainy. Heavy cold rain, might I add. I was in my office and the sirens went off, I ran to the window thinking we were all going to die. I ran out into the hall, and here were some students walking room to room with a teacher doing the recycling. Didn't they know we were all about to die? Why weren't they scared and running for cover? I thought I would brave it to the doors and take another peek outside. I stood there for a few minutes wondering why no one was taking cover (including myself). I saw a custodian who commented on the amount of rain we were getting, and then it clicked. Today is the first Wednesday of the month. The day they do a drill with the siren. Uhem...I calmed down and agreed with the custodian on the crazy amount of rain we were getting, and slipped back into my office. I have my own office, and I work alone, so I had no one to make fun of me, so feel free to do so now.

That's all I've got.

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Shari said...

I won't make fun of you. You, with your own office-no distractions, no getting caught blogging or checking emails on company time....jk, jk!!:D

I hate it when the kids want to watch the same movie over and over and over and, well you get the picture. Picture? Aaaccck!!

I never had to worry about them listening to songs over and over.
I am thinking that'll come when they are teenagers. Oh, no. My oldest will be 13 in August.

Wonderful weather we are having. Rain and wind!! Over here they're saying we are having derechos. New word for me. Basically it's a windstorm with lots of rain and thunder along with hot air. But where's the hot air??