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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's the Problem?

Not sure. It has been the longest stretch of not blogging that I think I have ever done. And yet I sit here, trying to stay in the seat, knowing that there are about 5 million other things I should be doing, need to be doing. But I will stick out this uncomfortable feeling and do what I need to do on this handy little laptop of mine.

Our lives have been shifted, to say the least in the past 6 months. The addition for my mom is about completed, she has been living here for about 4 months. After about 2 months I came to the conclusion that she should not be home alone all day. She is having more and more trouble getting around, or I should say, she can't get around. It is quite the process to get her to the car to go to the doctor, and frankly, is exhausting for both of us. Please don't take that as a gripe, because it's not. It's just a lot of work. So doing that, working full time, and caring for my immediate family, something had to give. Dion and I sat down for hours and hours, revamping our budget and finances, and by changing some habits and making some big changes, we have made it so that I could quit my job to try and help my mom get through what we hope to be a rough patch. Now, from what I said it sounds like it was a piece of cake, what we did, but I assure you, it has not been easy. And it won't be. But what it boiled done to was a state of mind. We explained a lot of the money parts to the girls, and they know and understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it. Not to say that there aren't days that they want to get a new toy or such, but hell, there are days when I get pissed because I want something new. But we stay the course. Some days are harder than others, but together we seem to be hanging in there.

Anyway, enough about that. I took my mom to the Spine Center in the cities. She no longer can walk further than about 10 feet. Her spinal cord is being crushed causing a lot of pain and minimal movement for her right leg. She can have surgery to fix it, however, she still has the wound from 6 years ago that just does not want to heal that last part. Thus making surgery a bit riskier, but something they are willing to work with. And so is she.

After that, they need to look at replacing both hips and a knee. I am hoping that this will help her, and understand that she will not be what she was, but at least she will be better than she is now. It's not easy watching your parents get older.

Claire will be going into 3rd grande and Nadia into 2nd next fall. However we are changing districts. The girls are very excited for this change, and after touring the school, we are too. There was not one negative things we found about the district. I am unable to say that about our current one.

This spring Nadia fell off of her bike and spilt her chin (6 stitches) and broke her jaw. The break was very minor and didn't require and surgery...thank GOD!! She was back to her normal self in no time, much to my dismay. She is a rough player and I worried for a long time that she would re-injure or make her injuries worse. She proved me wrong. That kid......

We are going on a family trip next month! Pack your bags we're heading for TEXAS! Yee haw! Why the hell would anyone go to Texas in the summer, you ask? Why, to visit our dear friends who moved there in March. Claire is besties with Alli, and Nadia is besties with Eli, and Sarah and I are Mojito Mammas, and the rest, well, they just have to put up with us. But really, it has been sad around here without our friends. They used to live at the end of our street, and now they live at the end of our country. What the hell? But we are all very excited, to say the least. I am going on record that Eli and Nadia will be married some day. Well I can wish, can't I?!?

Ok. That's it for now. I have to go hunt down one of the cats that got out of the house. SHould be fun. All part of being a mom.