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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Consin Dells

Just ask the girls where we went for a mini-vacation. The Consin Dells. Which by the way according to them is not the name of the town, but of the water park in general.

We rented a condo with our neighbors, who also have 2 kids. It was truly awesome! The condo rocked, and the kids had a blast. I, although, have to admit, was tired. Case in point;

We were in the wave pool with the kids. I had Claire on top of me in my inner tube, Dion had Nadia. They were quite a bit away from us and Claire wanted me to catch up. Ok. I got the tube facing backwards and used my arms to paddle. And paddle. And paddle. Until.....CRASH!!! A 3 foot wave tossed us back to where we started. Claire got mad at me because I wasn't catching up, and I just about cried when we were hit by another wave. I could have just gotten out of the tube, but what fun would THAT have been?

Anyway, we hit all three water parks, mini golf and the arcade while we were there and agreed that we had to do this every year. I still have my little wrist band on that says "I had a blast at The Wilderness." And you know what? I did.

Last night we met up with Mr & Mrs Smitten Kitten (the recently married couple) and went out to eat and to see 2 comedians. It was a good time. I laughed until I cried a couple times and I enjoyed myself 3 amaretto sours. Mmmmmmmm......but it was all about moderation since those are the drinks that got me in trouble at the Kitten's wedding. That and beer. And maybe a shot or 2. And some wine. Oh hell, never mind, I was just a mess. Anyway, it was wonderful to go out and I was told that I needed to blog more, and get on Facebook more, so here I am. I might even go change my status on Facebook from 2 weeks ago. But I might not too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kid Talk

The other day I was taking the girls to get new swimming suits. In the back of the car I heard the following conversation:

Nadia: Girls have to wear suits that cover their breasts.

Claire: Yep, and boys only wear shorts, so you can see their breasts. Why do they have breasts?

Nadia: I can see Daddy's breasts when he has his suit on. They are much smaller than Mommy's.

Claire: Yeah, but Mommy's are hairier (?!?!?!?!).

Nadia: They are not. Daddy has hairy breasts (thank you Nadia).

And that was the conversation about swimming suits. I love kids!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's Look on the Bright Side

So for the past oh, 2 hours I have been going backwards in time reading my blog. Seriously, how have you managed to keep reading this thing when I can be so negative?!? So, this here post will be on the positive side, I just have to think of something to write about.....still thinking.....

Holy crap! I really don't have a lot to talk about. But here's a fun fact for you. Have you heard that if you are coughing a lot at night that you can put Vic's Vapor rub on your feet (and then cover with socks or that can be quite messy) and that will help you to stop coughing? I did it last night and slept like a baby. Well, at least like a baby that sleeps well.

Dion is going to be going on a fishing trip with Andy, his college room mate and friend to both of us, this coming summer. They talk every day about it, sometimes even 3 or 4 times a day. There are times when I have to tell him to say goodbye to his other wife so we can get the girls in bed. I found out that Andy's wife says the same thing to him. Can you believe that he turns on fishing shows AND ACTUALLY WATCHES THEM?? I can't. They have been acting this way for the past 3 or so months. Only 6 more to go.

Nadia used to call nipples "nickles". Hee hee.

We listen to SpongeBob songs in the car, and I know most of the words to most of the songs. Sad, huh?

We went bowling today, and to wait for the ball to hit the pins when the girls bowled was so suspenseful. Or is the word painful? Eh. Either one.

Have you ever seen the tv show iCarly? I LOVE IT!!! I laugh out loud and am thankful that the girls enjoy watching it too. Otherwise I would have to watch it by myself and that might be odd. Oh whatever, it's odd either way. But the show is so dang funny!!

Ok. I really need to get out more so I can tell you more stories. That will be my goal. More good stories.

It's All Good

No active Sarcoidosis. Yay! I will have to add my two cents here....I think I am getting a cold/sinus thingy, which may have affected the test results. Anyway, all that was found was a nickle size area on my left lung from where the radiation zapped, burned, destroyed, whatever you want to say.

Anyway, just wanted to let bloggerland know. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and crossed fingers, etc.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

So maybe this is God's way of letting me know that maybe I should not be so comfortable when it comes to my cancer check ups. I didn't live by my own motto....hope for the best, prepare for the worst. But I suppose in this case it should be prepare for something not quite so pleasant. It's not the worst, as far as we know, so that's something, right?

I had my pulmonary function test this morning, along with blood work. It was kind of a surprise last night that I was having the PF test since I didn't actually read my paperwork until last night. I have had one of these tests every 3 months in the past 6 months. As a reminder, last summer I ended up with bumps on my leg and after having them biopsied found out that it was my Sarcoidosis. Treatable with a cream, which worked well. Since then my oncologist has been following me to make sure there is nothing else going on as far as my Sarcoidosis goes. And up until today, there wasn't. The amount in which I take in oxygen and let out CO2 has dropped by 10% in the past 3 months. What does this mean? We don't know. Yet. My oncologist set me up with a chest x-ray and a chest CT scan, which I had done today. On Friday morning I go back to Mayo to see a Pulmonary specialist to hopefully find out what the heck is going on.

See? Got too sure of myself. So instead of this huge relief and crash from the stress that builds up from my oncology visits, we are still in stress mode.

I know I have a lot of you out there who will be saying prayers and such, and I truly appreciate it. I do ask just one thing, please no comments to the tune of "Everything will be fine", "I'm sure it's nothing", "Don't worry"....yadda yadda yadda. I will not know if everything will be fine, or that it's nothing, or stop worrying until I know what the hell is going on. Until then.......

A Couple Things

First, my mom's surgery has been changed to next month. Her wounds are starting to look at little better. It would help if they were healed a little bit more before surgery. So now it is on March 10th. Yeah for healing wounds!

Next, I forgot to ask for thoughts and prayers for today. D and I are at Mayo for my 6 month check. I am so tired! I was up at a little after 4:30am to get here on time for my first appointment. Now I just want to sleep. Is that so wrong?!?

Anyway, I guess that's it for now, I will let you know how the rest of the day goes later. Hasta la bye bye.