Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kid Talk

The other day I was taking the girls to get new swimming suits. In the back of the car I heard the following conversation:

Nadia: Girls have to wear suits that cover their breasts.

Claire: Yep, and boys only wear shorts, so you can see their breasts. Why do they have breasts?

Nadia: I can see Daddy's breasts when he has his suit on. They are much smaller than Mommy's.

Claire: Yeah, but Mommy's are hairier (?!?!?!?!).

Nadia: They are not. Daddy has hairy breasts (thank you Nadia).

And that was the conversation about swimming suits. I love kids!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah. i love them too. like when my son and i were at the village pool a couple of years back.

as i was standing in the pool about to get out, he told me to wait, swam over with his friend and grabbed my wrist and flung my arm up.

he told the boy, "look at my mom's hair. isn't that funny"

i know now to shave right before swimming.

Jay said...

That's so funny. Kids are a crack up. My daughter a few years ago wrote her brother a not saying she was sorry, and to make it more heartfelt, she added to the usual I'm sorry this.

"I'm so sorry, I don't even know how sorry I really am."

My wife and I still use that line when we say we're sorry.