Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nothing, Really.

And it's true. I have nothing to write about. I could talk about the stupid popcorn kernel stuck in my tooth, or I could talk about the hair I have to pluck. Or maybe I could chat about the in-grown hair I had on my leg about a week ago that was a challenge to remove but I did it. How about the never ending saga of the whole house thing, which now that I think about it, I don't want to talk about that. It's too depressing.

We could discuss that I should have gotten gas on Sunday because now it is $.09 higher. Here's a fun one, Nadia will put on footie jammies just so she can slide down the stairs on her stomach, feet first. She can go really really fast, laughing the whole way down.

Ok, have to go get that hair plucked.


Shari said...

LOL. I have dry spells, too. What do I blog about now? Sometimes I have done a really good post and think, how can I come up with another good one? Aack! I don't want to talk about nothing. So there are days where I skip a few days while I brainstorm another topic or something and post it.

The sliding down the stairs, prone, feet first had me laughing at the cuteness of it. :) When the girls were younger, they'd just bump down the stairs on their butts-bump, bump, bump.

Laurie Anne said...

Love it.