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Friday, April 25, 2008

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Welcome back to the 80's my friend......Claire is now sporting a fine looking mullet compliments of her self-haircut, and after only 4 years of growing out Nadia's bangs, she cut herself some new ones. Anytime you want to mail me the "Mom of the Year" certificate, feel free. I think we have found out what Claire is NOT going to be when she grows up. The question now is, do I try and cut the mullet off, giving Claire ultra short hair, or do I leave it? Let me know what you think.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

I think she did a fairly good job, except for that really short part in the back. The kids got talent! You need to get her one of those dolls where you can cut the hair - like they use in hairstyling school.

Oh, I remember those days. I'll have to dig out a picture or two. Lol!