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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All Hopes Dashed

A little hand held game appeared from somewhere. On it has 5 different casino type, blackjack, slots and such.....and every time I used the potty I would play a hand or two or ten. Sometimes slots, sometimes cards. Sometimes I was bold enough to do both! Oooooo....Ahhhhh! Then I decided to stick to slots because the highest payout I would get would be $50,000. I saw my total going up and up and down and up and down, I was getting pretty pumped since I saw my total was surpassing $400,000.....$700,000. I was on my way to getting $1,000,000 and I could hardly wait (I know, I know...I need to get out more). I wanted to be able to see that number and dream about what I would do with that money. Would I save a huge chunk? Would I buy crazy things like a $6000 shower curtain? I didn't know.

One fine day I looked at my total and it was at $999,999! What were the odds of that happening?!? All it took was one more win, and I would hit the million mark. What would I do with a million dollars? Lots! Lots I say!! I push the button and win $200! I look at my total. $999,999. What the hell? Where was my million dollars? I tried again, just in case there was a malfunction. I won $50,000 that time. I looked at my total. $999,999. Again. The stupid hand held game didn't go up to one million dollars.

It took me a few days to pick up that dream crushing contraption again. I am now trying blackjack, but the number 999,999 just makes me angry now. Unless of course it was real money, then I could force a smile.


Shari said...

It doesn't hurt to dream, though.:)

Sigh. I NEED to get out more!! Homework's driving me bonkers along with all my other responsibilities-like housework. Ugh. That thing's probably like a calculator-it can only go so high. Should have a "power" symbol. What would you do with a power of 999,999,999? Buy a $300,000 house with maid service and trips galore?

Amalia said...

you poor thing! I was similarly cheated with my car's odometer when I turned 100,000 miles... it just went all back to 0!

I feel your pain.