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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does Anyone Else Just Not Feel It?

I don't know what my problem is this year, but I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood. I have yet to send out cards (I am going to try and address them tomorrow), I am lacking in the gift buying department, and all we have in our house is a lonely Christmas tree. And it really isn't decorated all that well.

I don't feel the merriment of the season, and in fact, I have been so busy that right now, to me, the holidays don't exist quite yet. Maybe the fact that they (meaning retailers) bring out holiday stuff when we are plum in the middle of Halloween, has something to do with it. Or maybe it's the constant whining from the girls that just makes me want to buy socks for them, and nothing else. I don't know. It just seems that lately I have been saying to myself that when this week is over, things will be better. Then I say it again the next week. Then the next. My head is spinning at times.

I am trying to be more patient with the girls, but I swear, they know when I am mentally not doing so hot and push my buttons even more. Is that like the first rule of being a child? For example, I have asked Nadia ten thousand times when I put her in her car seat to not rub her snowy boots on my legs. Guess what she did today. I asked Claire to throw away her lollipop stick in the garbage and she said she did. I found it on the landing of the basement stairs. Don't get me wrong, they are good kids, but once in a while they get in this streak of just really trying to give me gray hair.

So here I sit, just not feeling the holiday feeling, even though I did listen to a Christmas cd today. It was the second disk of a two disk set. I can't find the first disk, the one that I actually like, and wouldn't you just know that to be the case?


Amalia said...

Poor Sue. I'm in the same boat, only I did feel it the first two days after Thanksgiving. I woke up those mornings thinking, "It feels like Christmas." Now? Not so much. I don't know about you, but I am beginning to kind of resent the holidays - all that work to make others feel special really takes a toll on you emotionally and physically! I vote that the two of us pick a day and treat ourselves to something nice WITHOUT GUILT. If that doesn't work out, we should take a walk outside. A quiet walk all by ourselves. I find often that nature can refresh that feeling of awe that I need this time of year. Either direction you go (or in your own direction, if it works for you), I hope you get back what you've lost - you deserve it.

Laurie said...

I agree with Amalia and want to be in on that Be-Special-to-Me day.
The strange factor for me is that I used to LOVE Christmas, as an adult. I stayed up late for days baking scores of cookies, decorated to exhaustion, etc.
I was thinking this the other night...I just don't feel the same. No christmas spirit. I live near a mall and so navigating around my house sucks this time of year, people seem to be extra nasty and road rage seems to be all the rage.
I wish I could get that feeling back...