Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Help Me Out...Give me a Click

I have registered on a website called called The Robin Hood Fund to see if I can get some money for the genetic testing my insurance turned down. Please go here:

and find my wish. I think you can get to it by searching for members, then searching by state (MN) and you will come across my pink ribbon. It says that I have a wish, so go to that and click click click. Do it many times a day, if you please. Thanks for your support!

****Thanks Russ for the link, I don't know why I have to make it difficult. :)****


Amalia said...

It won't let me vote! It says I have to wait six days and five hours (and change). I bookmarked it, though, so as soon as I can I will be busy click-click-clicking away!


Direct Link to Wish said...

For fast clicking!

Shari said...

Thanks for making a direct link. I had a hard time finding your wish yesterday or the day before. It wouldn't let me use the criteria thing to narrow down my search. (It kept jumping to the long list of people. Aaarrghh!) Like Amelia says, I have to wait-five more days now. I'll be back. :)