Monday, March 05, 2007

Head On...Apply Directly to The Forehead.....Head On...Apply Directly to The Forehead

I know you have seen that dreadful commercial and even the commercials that they have now making fun of their own first commercial. Dion claims that he hasn't seen the original, which is actually a good thing for him. They are so annoying, and they did their job in making the consumers remember their product.

I will go on record to say that I did not purchase this product, but it was given to me by my mom. It has been sitting in it's pretty little blue box up until Saturday night. I should have left it in the box.

I took it out, read the directions and took off the cap. It looked like a tiny roll deodorant. I started to rub it on my forehead, and was slightly depressed when it did nothing for my headache. Then I thought, well, I am having sinus pain under my eyes on my checks. Maybe it will help that.

Now, I know it says (over and over) to apply directly to the forehead, but skin is skin, right? Wrong. My skin burned, kind of like a harsh version of Vick's Vapor Rub. But not as effective.

But I guess it took the pain away from the sinus pressure. Or maybe I was just focusing on the fact that I thought my skin was going to peel off. Either way, I don't think I will put that stuff on my face anymore. I might try it on my forehead again when I have a regular old fashioned headache, until then, I will stick to my faux bed buddy.


Shari said...

Take care and get well. Yuck. Looks like the cold bug can travel through cyberspace, eh? If there's the computer virus that can be spread, why not the cold bug via computer? (Ok, ok. Better not go there. :))

About your FYI mom always had that "Murphy's Law" thing with the flu shot. She said that she always got the flu when she got the flu shot. When she didn't get the flu shot, she didn't get the flu. So now she never gets the flu shot anymore. She does get a lot of colds, though.

Aren't the flu germs supposed to be weakened in the flu vaccines so you can build antibodies to them? Looks like the live flu bugs are stronger than that to cause some people to actually get the flu from the shot. I had a friend that got the flu shot and within days she came down with a bad cold. Of course, her doc said that the cold and the flu are different strains. Whatever.

Amalia said...

My brother once put arthri-care on a sore muscle and then ewnt to the bathroom... I heard his screams and came running to find him crying on the floor, grabbing himself. apparently he didn't wash his hands after putting the Ben-Gay-style cream on... and burned his junk! After I figured out what had happened, I was crying too - with laughter.

I don't think he's used arthri-care since...