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Friday, March 02, 2007

Ummm...Well, I Don't Know

It is Friday. It is day 2 of part 2 of the snowstorms we have had in the past week. I did go out and snow blow yesterday, which to my great relief was not nearly as hard as the first time. Of course I only had to get through about 4 or 5 inches, as opposed to the 10 last weekend. I looked out the window when I got up today, and it seems like the beautiful job of snow blowing I did, is gone. Oh well. I will mention too that our friends Jeff and Heidi called yesterday and offered to help me with the snow since Dion was out of town, which was incredibly sweet and thoughtful. I figured I would be ok though with the less amount of snow. So here's a big Thank you to them for offering to help me. The girls and I were able to play for a bit after I was done working, which was a lot of fun. Their little cheeks were so pink! They looked like they were out of a photograph.

I started feeling a little poopy yesterday with my sinuses, sore throat, and a little cough. Today I am just dealing with the sore throat and sinuses. I think that I am just incredibly tired and need a break.

As far as the sad faces on the girl's bedroom door.......they have gotten 3 faces every night. We did talk last night about thinking before they do things. I asked them to ask themselves if whatever they were doing would make me happy or mad. They seemed to understand the concept as I went through a list of hypothetical ideas. Example (which isn't really an example, it's something they did): putting soap, the soap dish, and a pair of underwear in the toilet. Would that make me happy or mad? Can you understand them? Why would they do that? If I ask them they say, "Because we did". Well no kidding! I know that already, I was looking for a reason. What exactly goes through a kids head that makes them think putting undies in the toilet is a GOOD thing?

Sometimes I feel like I am getting no where with these girls. Other times, I can see it clicking. Do I rejoice in the clicks, or wallow while pulling a bar of Dove out of the toilet? It is exhausting.

Now I will add some of our cabin fever pictures for all to enjoy.
Disclaimer: Nadia put the clothespin on her own lip. I did not do it. Claire tired to do it too and she cried.

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Kim said...

I figured Dion would be in Gemoben. I also figured they would never let him out of it even after being stuck in Vegas. (I assume he was at a show out there?) I used to work there...I know how they think. Hopefully he made it home ok yesterday, or should I say hopefully 'they' were smart and let everyone go early, or something, as long as the weather there was ok.
I haven't had to clear any snow, myself except shoveling an occasional path to get the garage but we're dairy farmers so when my husband, his brothers and his dad have to spend all their time clearing snow instead of doing their usual work, they get a little testy, especially when it makes their days last 3 hours longer a night.