Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was at Walmart the other day stocking up on some items, and after standing in line for what seemed like a rather long time, I got to the front of the check out. And there was Jon. He was the cashier who seemed like he might have been on the new side, but I am not sure. I watched him scan my merchandise with ever so much care, commenting on the size of the ketchup bottle. I didn't really know how to reply. Oh and look, Mayo. Aint that the shrit? Yikes. Beep........beep......beep.....So we are three items in and he notices that chips that I have selected, and that there are quite a few bags of chips. He reaches around all of the other items that I have strategically placed on the belt as to not have bags that are so very heavy, and bags that are so very light, and puts the chips into one bag, leaving all of the heavy items to be bagged together. Jon! You need to brush up on what they taught you in bagging school. Then the bags began to stick, making it difficult for poor Jon to pull apart.

What does one do when bags stick? Normally they lick their finger using their spit to separate the bags. Kind of gross, yes, but as long as you don't slobber, whatever. I thought I saw Jon use this tactic, until I paid a little closer attention to him. He didn't lick his finger, oh no, that would have made sense (still a little gross, but....). He took his pointer finger, wiped his upper lip and used whatever he found there to separate the bags. Sweat? Maybe. Boogers? Possibly. Grosser than licking a finger? Definitely.

I'm just saying.


Shari said...

Ugh. I never really paid close attention to the cashier. Either I am busy unloading the cart, I have a kid begging for candy, or watching what I call the "shopometer", a digital receipt-like thingamig that they have so you can read what was just scanned. That way I can see if an item wasn't scanned twice.

Maybe now I don't really want to watch how they pry the bags open.

russ said...

Nice Post. It is posts like this that make your blog one of my mostest favorites to read.

Rock On!