Thursday, March 29, 2007

Walmart, What's Going On?

I guess it is the week of odd Walmart occurrences. You know they have the greeter program, which is nice. There is one person in particular in our store who is really friendly and takes her job very seriously, as she should since that is the first impression of the store.

I went in to Walmart and on more than one occasion, have seen not one, not two, but THREE greeters. I felt like I was being bombarded by hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? Fine. Ok. Leave me alone dammit! Why have three people? I don't get it. In any other company if you were to have three people doing the job of one, there would be some eliminations, and fast. Not at Walmart. Three is not a crowd.

And I saw my favorite checker Jon the other day. Again. All in his upper lip rubbing glory. I went to the checkout before his and found Andrew. Ah yes, Andrew. You see, there should be about a million Andrew's made available to us, the public. He scanned so incredibly fast that I could not keep up with him putting the bags into my cart. I still have to write a letter about him. I complimented him on doing such a good job. I had forgotten that I had made a mental note (ironic, I know) to compliment people who are in the serving field if they are due. I will try again to remember.

And on to the sad news...the house we want is in pre-foreclosure and are not accepting contingent offers. If by chance we sell our house lickity split, we may stand a chance getting it, but it's looking kind of glum. Glum. That's a good word. People should use it more often.

Ok, it's off to bed for me. I am exhausted.

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