Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Have Figured it Out

Dion got home after midnight last night/this morning, and then was gone again by 9am until Friday. Do you want to hear the not-so-funny part of this trip he is on? We have another snowstorm coming Wed-Fri....will he get home this time? Lord only knows. So, while I am recovering from the first blast of snow, I am getting geared up for the next one.

On to the thing that I have figured out. So it has been a lot of work being a single parent for over a week. From getting them up in the morning, feeding them, getting them to school and/or daycare, picking them up, shopping, making dinner playing, etc. I have figured out the most dreaded time of the day. The time of day that I fear, that I hate, the time of day that shows that my patience is next to nothing....bedtime. The girls now share a room, on their request, and since they were sneaking into each others rooms anyway I figured it didn't matter. So they are sharing a room, and a bed. I know, I know. I look at them sharing a bed, feet to feet, thinking about kids that HAVE to share a bed. My kids are odd. Anyway, they sneak into the bathroom and create a mess or two, they sneak into Nadia's old room (which is now a little play room), they sneak into our extra room....basically I have no control over them what-so-ever. I have resorted to drawing a sad face on a 3 pieces of paper and I use those as warnings. Right now they have 2 sad faces. At 3 sad faces, they are spilt up which makes them very sad. There is much crying and wailing at that point, and usually they just get exhausted and fall asleep. I hate bed time, in case I didn't tell you.

Please, for the love of God, if you have any suggestions on what to do at night, let me know. For the sake of my sanity.


Amalia said...

Hmmm, that's a toughie. I kind of like the sad faces system - it's very visual. How often have they gotten to three sad faces? I bet a lot. I hope Dion makes it home on Friday okay - for your sake. :)


Shari said...

Yes, I agree. I hate bedtimes, too. My husband works second shift. He is not home when they go to bed. Now, Jennee (12) is pretty good about going to bed. Of course, she's a bookworm. So I can catch her reading in bed. Not often.

I have matches with the younger one (6). Smart cookie she is-she knows my bluffs.

But the one thing I know that works best is waking them up early (5:30 to 6:00 in the morning). They're pretty tired by bedtime-unless the younger one falls asleep one hour after getting home from school. LOL

Of course, your kids are a lot younger. I don't remember how I got through it. LOL

Shari said...

Hey Sue,

I remembered!! I used to get up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for work when the girls were little.

So I went to bed about the same time I sent them to bed. No arguments. The whole house is dark. No TV bothering them. No nothing. If they did get up, I didn't hear it.

Shari said...
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