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Friday, February 02, 2007

Another Can of Worms

I think I have talked before about opening the proverbially can of worms, which I am good at. Sometimes when I am at the doctor, I will say something to the effect of yadda yadda is bothering me. Then it's off to test after test after test to find out that the cause of my pain is from too much amino acids or something like that. Really, there was no reason to open my BFM (big fat mouth). Let me tell you of yesterdays fun filled adventure.

I go to my mom's appointments when she has her incision (what's left of it, it's almost healed) checked. I asked Julie the nurse to check my blood pressure. I had a reason. I wanted it tested when I wasn't in pain, and wasn't at the clinic for something that was wrong with me. I had been walked over in the past...ok...I guess it was last my ob doctor because my BP was high. I saw an Internal Medicine doctor and was supposed to check back, but it kind of slipped my mind. Really. It did.

Whoosh whoosh evil look....whoosh whoosh whoosh...a re-check. Yikes, an even worse evil look, and I was told to go make an appointment for today to be checked. I guess when your BP is 140/100 people get a little nervous. I didn't see the huge deal in it since I felt fine, besides being very hungry. I met with a PA, and by then my BP was 152/102 (I blame everyone yelling at me for having high BP on that number). After talking with Sarah, I was off for a chest x-ray, blood work, and an EKG. The CBC came back fine as did the EKG, I I haven't heard about the chest X-ray so I am assuming that is fine too. I now have to take my BP 3-4 times a week and record it. I took it this morning, and it was 140/86. Getting better already!

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Shari said...

I worry about my blood pressure, too. There's a free testing thingy at WalMart and I like to use that to check my BP but I really don't know how accurate that is. Isn't it 120/80 or less is desired. When is it too low? Gotta check that out.

Yes, it is very cold here in WI,too. We are getting the cold shoulder from Old Man Winter, too. Talk about deep freeze. We must have pissed him off. lol. Either that or he is making up for lost time.