Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol Night

Leave me alone, I love the show and nothing you can say will change my mind. I love the intro music, the pictures of past idols, Ryan (he's such a doll), all of that stuff. And this week it is on 3 times!! Rock and roll!! No pun intended.

Amalia asked how my children's books that I have worked on are doing, and they are collecting dust right now as it seems that my plate is a little full. I also have been working on a breast cancer book, and am 40 typed pages into that. If only I had a few more hours in the day.

I moved our living room around yesterday after work. The girls were confused, but pleasantly surprised at all of the toys under the sectional couch. I was more in awe of all the dust and animal fur under it. I am still trying to get used to the change, but I think it will be ok. I think.

I want to make a cat condo for the kitties, but if you know anything about cat condos, they come close in price to the actual cost of a real for sure people condo. Ok, not really, but it's well over $100 for a condo. No way. Dion called me part of the Fat Albert gang because I came up with all of these money saving ideas for building a cat condo. I believe I will be spending under $60 to build this thing. I told Dion we should make a sign that says, "Three's Company" for it. Oh man, I AM turning into a crazy cat lady!


Shari said...

I know. We have good intentions to do things, but things come up. I,too, plan on writing a book about Usher Syndrome (A fiction= but I have lots of experience with situations so that the reader can maybe "see" what I see.)and I also would like to write children's books. Cool. I wonder how many wannabes are out there?

Take care.

Amalia said...

Bear and I made a cat condo when I first moved in with him. He wanted to make sure that my cats felt as welcome as possible (ain't he sweet?). We got the carpet cheap at a surplus/salvage store and picked up some concrete tubing (like a giant toilet paper roll) and 1/4 inch plywood at Home Depot for Cheap. Toss in a staple gun and you're in business! Have fun with the condo, and if you have any leftover material, make another one to sell - I'm convinced kitty condos are the cash cow of the future!


Kim said...


I got a catalog today called Care-A-Lot Pet Supply (not sure why...the only animals I have are the family) and was going to scan and send the page with condos, but realized that I don't have your e-mail, then I was going to send it to Dion...well, anyway the website is above.....Kim