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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Flaska Family at Fairview For the Fourth Time in 5 Days

Yes, that's right. I said it was the FOURTH time I was at Fairview this week, and actually, I will be there tomorrow too. And why was I there? Let me tell you...

Claire got up this morning pushing a 104 degree fever. She sizzled. I had to go to work because I had yet done any of my job since I have been either subbing or spending time in the ER. Dion had to stay home. We are on the "Go to work every other day" plan I guess. Anyway, Dion set up an appointment for Claire because, well, like I said, you could have cooked an egg on her forehead.

I love her doctor, who happens to live down the road from us. We wave at his home when we pass it every day. He is very soft spoken, and has a way with kids....hell, he's the Kid Whisperer. One time I saw him take Nadia from my hands when she was a baby, and he whispered to her and bounced her....she fell silent. I was in awe. He looked in her ear and said it still looked angry. Then he looked at the other ear and said that it was rather infected too. The Zithromax did nothing for her. Zip. Nada. Unless of course you count an extra ear infection, then hell yeah it did something.

Now we are on round two with Amoxicillian with the hopes it will get those ears where they belong. Then he wants to see her in 3 week to see how they are, and if things are not going so well, we are going to talk about tubes for the poor girl.

Would all of the darn germs out there just go and die?!? Please?!?!?

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