Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why I Love Brandy

For those of you who don't know, Brandy and I lived together for one glorious year my senior year of college. We laughed, we cried, we watched the movie Friday over and over, not even sure some times how it was on. I decided this year for Christmas, along with our normal gift exchange, I would throw in a tin full of, well, mostly not so high quality stuff the only our local Salvation Army would have. Now, I am not putting down the Salvation Army, I find a lot of clothes there that I like and that are in very good shape. Great. My secret is out. Anyway, since Brnady LOVES Justin Timberlake. And when I say loves, I mean, watch out if you are with her and he happens to be crossing the street. Guarntee you get plowed over. I found some old magnets from his boy band, so I had to get those. A micro icescraper made for, I think, your eyelids, a bell that I actually thought was pretty and other things. Among the high caliber items was an owl perched on a polished stone with it's wings out. Taped to that gift was "Tag! You're it!" Little did I know what Brandy was capable of. She sent back what you see in the picture. Notice the fine photo of JT's face. Now, to explain the rest...
Did you see when JT was on SNL? Man, it was too funny! He did a really good job. One skit was JT was competing with a Santa Salvation Army worker (ironic, I know), but was dressed as a cup of soup, hense the Campbell's soup logo. And and of his little ditties in the skit was, "Givin it up for Homelessville", which is taped to the owl's, I mean JT's, wing. He had his beat box set up and everything, and changed some lyrics of your basic dance club music, and the skit was born. It may or may not still be on YouTube, you can try looking. I just had to share my laugh..hard laugh...of the day.

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