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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Where is all of our Minnesota snow?!? Why can I still see the grass, which by the way, we might have to go out and cut since the snow is supposed to be covering the fact that it was way too long in the fall. I don't want the MN cold, just a little snow to go sledding...or if you are from the area...sliding with. Is that so much to ask for? Have you seen that on eBay there are come people from Colorado that have sold some of their snow from their storms? The last time I looked, one of the auction total was over $30.

I was tempted.

P.S. For a second misspellings.


Word Imp said...

Hi there. Found you through Amalia's blog. I'm in New Zealand where it's mid summer so no snow here sorry! Just saw we had the same weird question to answer on our profiles. I like your answer better than mine. Happy New Year!

Amalia said...

I DID find my purse - I'd left it in my classroom, and when the janitor came in she found it and took it to the office. So really, it's not MY fault I couldn't find it, since a third party had intervened. Sheesh!
What else did you comment about? Oh yeah, petite-envy. At my lightest, I weighed 134 - after my freshman year of college. Oh, how I miss those days! I DO wish we lived near each other. Not only would we walk, we'd keep each other in stitches, too! Have a great day!


PS I'm working on my own 100 list... stay tuned! oh - and I DO understand the duuaa. Totally!

Shari said...

Hi. I was surfing Blogosphere and I usually check out other blogs via comments when other blogs I like to read have a dry spell (meaning that I read their most current post already and will wait till they post something new). I found yours via Word Imp's blog.

I am from Wisconsin, so we are neighbors, though I am sure it's still a pretty long walk. My father-in-law lives in MN in the summer and it's an 8-hour drive.

We aren't having a lot of snow either. I think Jack Frost is confused. Must have been the party at Mother Nature's house back in 1999. Ever since then, Jack Frost has never been the same. Snow has been scarce. It'll be here for a few days and melt away. We got some snow in early December but it melted a good week before Christmas.

Interesting blog. I like your sense of humor. Will be visiting off and on.

Take Care.