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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ok, A Little More Info

As I stated to one of my die-hard readers, I was not in any condition to explain all the funny things that happened yesterday, because well, I cried yesterday and I didn't feel like writing things that were funny. I am still sore today, but I think I can talk about my experience in a funny light not.

So the ER doctor we saw yesterday gave me some writing material. Now, don't get me wrong, I like him, he was very nice, but when Dion and I are in stressful situations, we grab on to anything that might make us laugh and go with it. If you watch the show House MD, you will know what I am talking about. If you don't, you might as well skip over this part. This doctor reminded me of House with his scruffy face, pretty blue eyes, and kind of out of sorts hair. We talked for a bit, and I found that he didn't have House's personality, but rather, was kind of laid back. He ordered a urinalysis and we were going to go from there. He left the room and I looked at Dion.

Me: He reminds me of a slow House.
Dion: Yeah, we should call him Dr Doublewide.
Us: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Dion: Sorry. Maybe we should call him Dr. Shack instead.
Me: Ha ha ha hhhhh....OWWW!

Time passes and Dr Shack comes back and starts to offer us different ways of testing. He said an xray would show a bowel obstruction (great...that would be wonderful) but was limited with showing other things. A CT could be done but that was "invasive because you have to drink contrast and you have IV contrast too", or they could do an ultrasound. We went back and forth and around to Dion, and finally I said we should do whatever was going to show us the most information. As far as CT's go....bring it on. I have had many in my lifetime and to me, that is a lot less invasive than a doctor using a marker on my body to show me where my new nipples will be. Dr Shack left the room and Dion and I had the following conversation

Dion: I felt like we were supposed to pick which test to do.
Me: Seemed like it, but I think he was just telling us every test they could do.
Dion: I don't know, he seemed pretty sad about the thought of you having to have a CT.
Me: Yeah, that was odd.
Dion: I bet he cries when he has to tell people they have to have surgery.
Us: Ha ha ha ha (Me: OWWW!!!)

I have to give Dr Shack kudos for yesterday. He was very reassuring that nothing as far as cancer goes was found. He reassured us quite a few times, and for that alone, I am grateful. Anywhere you go for health issues, you are going to have a bad experience or two. I don't care if it's local, or at Mayo, or any other place. That is just part of life. What I will say though is that I am so happy with the care that my kids and I get when we go to our local clinic/hospital. I have met a lot of really neat people, and because of our numerous trips, know a lot of the wonderful staff.

So that were some of the lighter stories of yesterday. Dion and I were even able to get something to eat together, which hasn't happened in a while. You know, life is pretty darn good.

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