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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sonofa Sonofa Sonofa


Whew. I feel a little bit better. I feel a lot better than I did about an hour ago. But not better than I did abut 2 hours ago. You see folks, life is just full of ups and downs...Cherry filled Hershey Kisses...up. Toast.....up. New comments on my blog....WAY up! Post nasal drip...down. Reruns of a show that I thought was a new episode....down. Forgetting a load of clothes in the wash...down.

These are just a few examples of some of ly ups and downs. There are many more, but we don't have the time, energy, or space for them. But I will update you on the most recent, biggest, stinkiest down as of late. And when I say as of late, I mean about an hour ago. Let's go back to 2 hours ago, when life was hunky dory.

Claire and I were on the couch watching a movie, Nadia was engulfed in the recliner. Everyone was covered by a blanket, enjoying the new movie. Of course I was hoping they would fall asleep because they have felt that it's been ok to stay up late, messing around in their rooms. I knew when Claire came into our room after 11:00PM we were going to have issues. Anyway, aparently, I was the only one who fell asleep. Because you see, I woke up and thought, "'s rather quiet and no one but me is sleeping." Not good.

I made my way to the dining room, which connects to the living room on one end, the kitchen through one doorway, and the laundry room through another, which connects to the kitchen. It's really one big circle, if you will. I take a step....crunch. I look down to see cat food on the floor. Not one piece, the area rug was littered with it. Crunch crunch crunch (that's me walking into the laundry room). I gasped. I looked down the little hall to the kitchen. I gasped again. I went back through the dining room, down the hall to the stairs. I take a deep breath and look up. GASP! No no no no no....I head up the stairs and at the top...GASP! Holy hotdogs Batman! I go back downstairs to find my kids...meham ensues. They are taking a break right now from cleaning, but will be finishing soon. I think my blood pressure has come back down, but I'm not sure.

And the million dollar question of course is, how much cat food was dumped. Well, I filled the two little bowls this morning, so that amount minus the 18 POUNDS that was in the rest of the bag, and there's your answer. I told them that I was going to take the money out of their piggy banks to buy more food. Then there was crying. This had better be the biggest down of the day, preferably the year.

I am sorry for any misspellings. Spell check was not working, and I am not going to find a dictionary right now.

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Amalia said...

What were they doing with an 18 pound bag of catfood? Did they chase your cats all around the house with it? I have to say, I laughed when I saw the cat food in the laundry basket. Was the food dirty? he he he... who needs kids when I can laugh with yours? :)

PS Is my blog bringing you some additional traffic? Sweet if that's the case!