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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Shari someone who reads my blog and vice versa. I am supposed to write 10 things that describe my style. So, here we go.

  1. Ying Yang. By this I mean that for some things I am very go with the flow, for other things I get a little worked up. If you ask the teachers that I see when I work, they would say that I am very mellow. If you talk to some of my friends, they would say that I am going at a high speed constantly. Very intriguing, I know.
  2. Comfort. It's all about comfort, baby. I have never been the type of person who would buy uncomfortable clothes simply because they are in style. Flannel and fleece, all the way.
  3. Humorous. I try to provide a little bit of comic relief when possible. Life is too short to not laugh often.
  4. Intuitive. I am trying to be a better reader of people.
  5. Repetitive. My poor husband. I tend to repeat things. Over, and over. I tend to repeat things.
  6. Childish. I was asked yesterday by one of the kids at work if I liked being a grownup. I thought about it for a bit and said sometimes. She asked when that was, and I said I can have cereal for dinner whenever I want. Then she said that I should just be with them (the kids) always. I thought that wasn't a bad idea. They help me to remember what it's like to be a kid, and what they have to deal with in their little lives.
  7. Sentimental. I save a lot of things. I have every little note that Dion wrote to me, every card he has given to me. I kept part of a tree bark from a walk I took when I was on my breast cancer retreat. I have photos from long ago, I have letters mailed to me when I was in grade school. I have every hospital band I have gotten, every balloon deflated and put away from all of my cancer crap. I have a lot stuff, which makes it frustrating for others when we move.
  8. Realistic. While sometimes I float around and hope for things to happen, most of the time I know what is realistic and what is not. Most of the time.
  9. Grunge. I am grunge at heart. I will always like listening to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and such. I believe that is why I like flannel shirts so much too, besides the whole comfort thing.
  10. Edgy. This is compliments of Dion. I asked him what is my style, and that's what he said. I think I will let him explain... ...Dion here - I explained it as Sue doesn't take any crap. She will call you on something if you are wrong for example or trying to get away with something. I don't know how else to describe it. Not passive would be another way I guess. Bye now :) Sue here again...hmmm...I guess he is right. Except there are some people who think they can pull the wool over my eyes, not knowing that I know way more than they give me credit for. I just let them do that because either I have to, or if that's what makes them feel like they are big and powerful, so be it. It's sad, really.

So I guess that's it. I will have to tag some other people, but for now I have to finish my lucky charms. Who will be tagged? Tune back in to find out....

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