Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SNL - Homelessville

And here he is...JT!


Brandy said...

WHY I LOVE SUE!! First of all because I got to see JT do "Homelessville" yet again. Not to worry, I taped it ofcourse for years of my viewing pleasure. So, I have a crappy day and I get this great text that the "owl" has arrived. I can't believe it got there so quickly. I had thought I would let Sue know it was coming and then decided JT was much better as a surprise. I had many ideas for the owl and well.............. JT just had to be the first. Tune in for more of "Tag the OWL Way" hee hee
The best part is that each segment you think- oh yeah that one is my favorite and then he comes out with TLC- soup there it is- soup there it is and you just can't stop laughing :)

Amalia said...

That was UNbeLIEVEable! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!