Friday, January 05, 2007

100 Things I Love

  1. Dion
  2. Claire
  3. Nadia
  4. The rest of our families
  5. The smell of baby lotion, Baby Magic to be specific
  6. Hearing laughter
  7. Diet Coke
  8. Mushrooms
  9. My friends
  10. My Name is Earl
  11. The Office
  12. Crying because I laughed so hard
  13. The Internet
  14. writing
  15. reading
  16. blogging
  17. Peeps--the marshmallow treat, not peeps as in people
  18. Netflix (do I get a cut of the money for saying that?)
  19. Flannel...pants, shirts, sheets
  20. How Dion's tongue sticks out when he concentrates
  21. How Claire does that same thing
  22. Penny slots
  23. Trying new products
  24. Having those products work
  25. Rotating my shampoo and conditioner
  26. Watching movies
  27. Music
  28. Chris Daughtry---awesome cd, by the way
  29. Kids and what they say
  30. Fishing
  31. The big ass fish I caught in FL
  32. Holiday smells
  33. Our comforter, but Dion ix-nayed it :(
  34. Snuggling with the girls
  35. Not killing plants
  36. New shoes
  37. New wool socks
  38. Thrift stores
  39. Pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions
  40. Hot chi tea
  41. DVD players for the car
  42. My mp3 player
  43. Walmart
  44. Steve & Barry's
  45. Slippers
  46. My oncologist
  47. Both surgeons
  48. Saying whoooo whoooo!
  49. People who can pull off saying "Oh snap" because I can't
  50. Our house...most of it, we need a new kitchen floor
  51. Willow Tree figures
  52. Precious Moments
  53. The Muppets
  54. Getting mail, except bills
  55. People who make me laugh. Hard.
  56. Skating...old school...roller skating, 4 wheels and all
  57. Hoodwinked...great movie, you should see it
  58. Pinching Nadia's bubble butt
  59. Our cats, except when Tater climbs the Christmas tree...he got halfway up this morning
  60. Milk
  61. Grape juice
  62. Veggie subs from Subway
  63. The fact that I used to be a Sandwich artist
  64. Marshmallows
  65. Frosted Mini Wheats
  66. Sleeping in late
  67. Massages
  68. Learning new things
  69. Burping
  70. The smell of a new book
  71. My faith
  72. Sponge Bob...leave me alone
  73. When my onc says, "Everything looks great!"
  74. When people fall or trip, as long as they don't get hurt
  75. Garlic
  76. When the house is clean...bwahhh ha ha ha haaaaa!
  77. Foot rubs
  78. Book stores
  79. Alone time
  80. Naps
  81. Hats, but I look dorky in them
  82. Cell phones
  83. Proper English
  84. Yahoo Answers
  85. Projects the girls make for me
  86. Gym games at work
  87. Very superstitious people
  88. Sledding
  89. Toast
  90. Camping
  91. Scratching an itch until it hurts so good
  92. Peeling things, sunburns, etc
  93. Dodgeball---Olga...too funny
  94. Gushers
  95. That I am almost done with this list
  96. Shooting stars
  97. Guitars
  98. Chocolate
  99. Number 99
  100. Being done with this!


Krissy said...


I just stumbled across your blog when I clicked "Next Blog" from a friend's page and yours was randomly the next page. (I had no idea that RBS - "random blog shuffling" - existed.) Anyway, I wanted to tell you that many of your favorite things are also mine. Some of them I didn't even know I loved until I read about them (the smell of a new book - good one). My favorite thing on your list is, hands down, the "oh snap" entry. Nice. I, too, cannot under any circumstances pull it off. Though, perhaps unlike yourself, I try and try. My husband makes fun of me every single time. Anyway, I just thought I'd say hello and let you know that I dig your blog. I'm new to this whole blog thing. I think I have one out there in cyber space somewhere that I've never written on. Oh well.


Amalia said...

I LOVE your lists of 100! It was your "100 things you may not know about me" that made me want to read your blog every day. This one was as terrific as your last. I read every single item - whooo whooo! :) Thanks for the smile today.


Brandy said...

10 Things I LOVE ABOUT Your List-

10. The fact that I really have to bite my tounge when people fall and yet that totally cracks you up as well
9. That I actually got to watch you be a sandwich artist
8. That watching movies is one of my favorite past times
7. That I can't believe you never wrote smoking but that I am sure it crossed your mind
6. flannel
5. Steve and Barry's
4. That you left out carmax on your windshield
3. Where the hell is the PRISM????
2. That you got to meet "Chris" your very own JT!
1. That you thought to write a list of what you love :)