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Monday, January 22, 2007

I Spoke Too Soon

I think I mentioned that Claire was in the ER for an ear infection this past Saturday. I don't think I mentioned that she had a 103.2 degree fever, which is kind of scary since she didn't feel as warm as she had earlier. Anyway....

This morning, as I was snoozing my alarm, I was debating on if Claire was ready to go back to daycare or not. She still looked pretty punk, and had woke up a few times in the night. At about 6:40am I decided that we'd stay home. At 7:15 my tummy started feeling a little funky. Nothing major, but something to note. By 7:20 I thought I may throw up, but it really didn't feel like the flu. It was different. By 7:30 I was moaning and walking funny. At times I was on all fours crawling to get Claire her breakfast. By 7:45 I called Dion to come home, there was no way I would make it through the day alone.

We were at the ER within an hour, both of us thinking that my appendix was going to be removed. They started an IV and drew blood and made me pee in a little cup. After I had tears rolling down my face, they gave me a shot of Tordal in my IV. Within and hour I was feeling better, but still had to have the dreaded CT scan with contrast...oral and through the IV. Yuck. I did my duty of drinking all the junk and went back for the scan. They were going to check my pancreas, liver, kidney's, and whatever other organs live down there too.

I got back to my little room and they said it would take about a half an hour after I was back in the room for the test to be read by the pathologist. A half hour went by. Then 45 minutes. Then an hour. At this point I was thinking bad thoughts, such as, obviously it is something that will kill me fast, but my niece will most likely be living with us this summer so the girls would still have another female in the house...yadda yadda thoughts. I guess it made me realise that there are still some feelings somewhere in me where that damn little cancer thought hangs out.

Anyway, the Dr came into the room and said all of the organs looked ok. My liver had some fatty spots on it from chemo, but nothing to worry about. S-----I-----G----H!!!! What they did find was that there was fluid just hanging around in my abdomen for no good reason. Just floating around like it belonged, not knowing that it didn't belong. In fact, it had lost its way, for he used to reside in an ovarian cyst that made a home on my ovary. Unfortunately for me (and the ovarian cyst) it had decided to rupture. Pop. Bang. ARRRGGGHHH!!!! Commence fluid into the belly.

I have gotten some Tordal pills for home, which is where I am now. I haven't had to take another one, but it's nice to know I have them. I am starting to get a little tender again, so it may be time to pop a pill. I am going back to work tomorrow and life will be back to normal again. Or, at least as normal as it gets around here.

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Amalia said...

I've heard that ovarian cysts are some of the most painful things you can experience. At least they now know what it was! Enjoy the pain meds and get well soon!

swzman - what you call the snowman after the pain pill kicks in.