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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Not only is it finally snowing, we are under a winter storm WARNING!! Maybe 6-8 inches by the time it is all said and done. Rock on!

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Amalia said...

How is it that you are so many states away from me and we experience the same weather at the same time? We are getting buried in snow (okay, so it's about three inches deep so far. To a small animal, that's burying depth!). Of course, it is a holiday so I don't have to work... kind of a missed snow day, I'm thinking.

You didn't think it was the kids that wanted snow days, did you? :)


PS Today's word verification is uyvnts, which stands for Ugly Young Vegetarians Naughtily Trying Sushi!