Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Slip of The Tongue

I went to Mayo today to get my study shot. It is pretty exciting because I get to visit with Hope as we have scheduled our appointments to overlap. While we were be waiting to be called back, we were chatting with Paul who makes appointments. I mention him because he is pretty darn funny and I like talking to him. Kari, who had a baby 5 months ago, was also there visiting on her day off. Kari had brought the baby in so we were ohhh and ahhh-ing over the baby until we were called to the chemo room. When that happened, we made our way back and passed the first chemo room, where Bert yelled out, "Oh oh! Here they are! Here comes trouble!" We laughed as we do every time. But what doesn't happen all the time is the following....I'll set the scene, Hope and Sue are walking by, Hope in the front, Sue walking behind. Hope yells out.....

"Yeah! And we had the baby!!!"

Now, as a nurse there, you would know that we were talking about Kari's baby, and the fact that we got to see her. If you were someone in that chemo room, you may have thought differently. It may have been something like this....

"Poor girls, lesbians and they BOTH have had cancer!"


Amalia said...

It's a good thing your hair has grown back, or you'd have been thought of as "butch", too! Too funny. Have you ever thought of doing stand up?

Word Ver: iehpvmu.

Shari said...

Cute. I am glad I wasn't that person who would have thought that you had the baby together.

BTW, You've been tagged. You can write about 10 things that define your style. I have written mine already. I surfed other blogs to get a feel of what to write.