Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I know of many people who are so very afraid of change. They fight it until they can fight no more. They refuse to accept it, they are angered by it.

In all of my cancer crap, I have become fond of change, very much the opposite of how I used to be. I see it as a way to try something I might not have tried before. I see it as a learning experience, albeit maybe not always a fun one, but something new. Something different. A change in the daily routine, a way to shake things up a little bit. A way to remind myself that I am still alive and that things affect me in a way that they should, and not because I am dying.

Maybe it is because I have been through so many changes in the past year that it just doesn't bother me like it used to. There is something to be said about remaining on ones comfort zone, but I say to hell with the comfort zone now-a-days. Stability? Nah, who needs it? Ok, that last one is a reach, but you get what I am saying, right?

I have decided that I need to mix things up a bit in my life. One of the ways that I am going to do such mixing, is by pursuing my writing of children's books. I have a handful of stories typed up, but I have no clue what to do with them now. I need illustrations for one, and for two, I guess some kind of representation would be helpful in my crusade. So here's your challenge. Rack your mind a little bit and see if there is someone that I could get in contact with, someone to help get the ball rolling for me. In the meantime I will be heading out to our local little bookstore and pick their brains too. This is actually something that has been stewing in my brain for a few years, but I guess I haven't been ready to embrace this change until now. I am ready to run with it.

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Amalia said...

Go for it! My suggestion is that you look in the phone book for local publishers - the smaller the better. See what they think of your book! They should also have a list of agents and editors that they work with. You will need both before you can get your own books into the world. Good luck!