Saturday, August 05, 2006

We Go For Walks

We used to use our double stroller, but the back wheel looks like it is ready to fall off. I am thinking it is a manufacturing issue, since this is the second time it has happened. The first time I called and they said it was too late, we had owned it for a year. I played the cancer card and got a new wheel in a couple of weeks. I don't think I can pull it off again. So when we got for our walks we have been using two umbrella strollers which works ok, but we tend to run into each other and lock wheels. Ok, mostly I do, but only when I am using the bigger of the two strollers, it's harder to manipulate than the smaller one.

Anyway, we decide to walk to Randy's to get ice cream treats. We made it there with only a few interlocking wheel moments, and we got our treats. Twisty cones for the girls, caramel sundae for me, and a hot fudge malt for Dion. We were all situated in our booth, and about a quarter of the way into our tastey treats when an employee walks up to us.

" ring broke....."

Huh. Interesting. I tried to quick think of something that happened to me that day, as I thought we were supposed to share an interesting fact with each other, all the while feeling a little sad that her ring broke. It obviously meant something to her for her to walk around the counter and find us in our little booth and tell her sad story. Until she said this.....

"So, ring broke, and I think it's in your malt....."

Dion and I look at each other. Well. In that case, by all means, take the malt. She offered to give us our money back or make a new malt. He chose to have a new one and she walked away, off to make a new malt, minus one ring.

Dang it. If only Dion would have found the ring bit, we could have made a little money off that deal.

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