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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Two People Made Me Laugh Hard Today

Person number one:

"So are you excited to go back to school?" I asked one of my college kids.

"Yeah, I'm transferring this year from Rochester to Mankato" said college kid

"Is this a good thing?" I asked him.

"Yeah, Rochester is.....well, boring."

"And Mankato is.....?"

"Funner." replied my college kid.

Funner. I laughed pretty hard at that one. Ahhhh....from the mouth of our future. But seriously, he has been one of my best employees in my 5 years at this job. He's a lot of fun, and the only guy so you can imagine all the crap he gets.

Ok. Person number two:

The scene setting.....My lead staff was voicing her concern about her granddaughter who was being a little sassy.

"I don't want your lip!" lead staff said to her granddaughter.

"Yeah, and how would you even get them off of her face anyway?" said another child.

And THAT is why I love working with kids.

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