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Friday, August 11, 2006

Today's The Day

The Shuffle is today. I got up at 4am to go with our neighbor to set up tents, haul wood, and basically claim our territory for tonight. That's pretty early in the gosh darn morning. We were there until 5:15, and I crawled back in bed at about 5:45, and Claire crawled into our bed at 6:15. It is going to be a long day.

Dion's mom was going to come up to watch the girls for us while we did the walk, but called last night and said she was sick. Dion and I really want to stay the whole night together because it seems like every year something happens and Dion has to go home for the night. No, wait, I think Dion stayed the whole night last year, but anyway, I called my mom and asked if she could stay with the girls, and in true Carol fashion, she will.

I will be turning in about another $150 making my total $1059!! Dion and I together brought in $2059...not too shabby folks! I think maybe next year the girls might be old enough to stay down there with us, but we'll see.

Ok, I have to find another tent, since Dion was right about the one that I set up this morning (it was missing the rain fly and it wasn't the tent I thought it was), and I have to get some other things together, so I must go. Like I promised, I will be posting pictures some time this weekend after the grand event.

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