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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Female Lumbergh

I had some issues with my cell phone so I dialed 611 to get some help. If you have seen Office Space (the movie) you will understand this, if you have not seen it, well, maybe it will still be funny, but I can't guarantee anything...

I kid you not, the girl that helped me said the following...

"I can go ahead and call you...."

"You can go ahead and delete the message...."

"Sometimes if you go ahead and turn the phone off, it will clear the system...."

"After you go ahead and delete the message, if the icon is still there, you can go ahead and give us a call back...."

"...then call us and the tech people can go ahead and figure out what's going on with your phone...."

"So Peter, I need you to go ahead and make sure you have the cover sheet on your TPS reports."

Ok, the last one is a quote from Office Space, the lady didn't actually say that to me. But, she did leave the following as a message on my voice mail....

"Hi Sue, this is (worker's name here) from (cell phone company name here). So you can just go ahead and delete this message."

She rocks!

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