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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why Do I Blog?

I blog for many reasons. To vent, to share, to complain, to update. There are many reasons why I do it. But I guess the main reason I do it, is to say things that I can't for whatever reason, say outloud. Somehow it is so much easier to write about stool samples, fissures, colonoscopies, than it is to talk about it.

Now I will admit that I do not put everything into this blog that I think about. Surprising, I know. But there are some things that completely belong in my head at the moment. Time might pass and I could feel ok about writing about it (like my post "Something You May Not Know"), but it may not. That is the beauty of blogging. It is totally in my control, and I can change what I want, like this color and font style, but more than anything, it is a free way to work through some of my issues, as opposed to going to a head doctor. As long as I can continue writing, I think I will be fine.

Blogging is a pretty neat world. There's lots to read about, lots of people to meet, lots of stories to hear. Take a look around. You might see one that you put into your favorites and check on a daily basis.

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