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Sunday, August 27, 2006

As Much As I Want To Keep The Last Picture The First Thing I See...

I have had a big big dilemma with this blog. I love to write, I love to post post post, but I don't want the picture of Chris and I not the first thing I see when I go to my blog. But alas, all good things must come to an end. So be it.

Let's talk about last Friday a little bit, shall we? Actually, we should back up to Thursday when we had some storms roll through town. Dion was out to eat with work and I was at home with the girls. He was at least an hour away, so the issue boiled down to what if the storm got worse without much warning? So I took the girls and their dinner downstairs. I had to do a little cleaning up since things were a little messy from our garage sale this summer. So for two hours we sat downstairs, and the girls loved it. Now I had a mission.

Friday I decided that I would make the basement as child friendly as I could, in hopes that eventually the girls could have all of their stuff downstairs and we could have our living room back. The girls played as I put together metal shelves, and unlike the first set of shelves I put together a few months back, I had relatively no issues. I finally pulled my junk together and didn't put the shelves on backwards, used minimal naughty words, had very few injuries, and actually was not afraid to put things on the shelves when I was done. Not too shabby.

After assembling the metal shelves (2 sets of them) I had the job of moving all of our tools from the ledge in the stairwell of the basement, downstairs into the storage room where the magnificent shelves now resided. Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs, hammers, nails, screws, drills, saws, straight edges, man, we have a lot of tools! How come we don't build more things? The whole process took me from 10am to after 5pm.

Ok, so remember when I said I was trying to stop biting my nails before? I still am, and the only way that I am able to do that is by putting fake nails on. And no, not the kind from a salon, the kind from Walmart that cost about $9, since that's about all of the money we have right now. So there I was with my pretty little nails, putting nuts and bolts into the shelves, moving tools, and when does a fingernail pop off? Well, of course it is when I am zipping Dion's tool bag closed, the last thing I did in that whole endeavor. Can you even believe it?

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