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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hooter Girls

Interesting title, huh? I know I have your full attention now so I can tell you this story. I was in McDonald's and it was potty time with Claire. We head over to the bathrooms, dodging the thousands of people in line to order. I am trying to watch where I am going, but at the same time trying to watch Claire who is bouncing her hand off of the condiment stand. This may not seem like an issue, but as you understand, we are coming up to a guy, innocently waiting to order his Big Mac with Cheese, not fully aware of what my child is doing and the fact that she comes up to his waist. The tender zone, where the goods are stored and if not protected, damaged. I had to make sure the bang bang bang stopped before we reached this guy. I am happy to report that I managed to save this man from possible infertility and definite pain. We got to the bathrooms and I held the door for the girl behind us. Now, seeing that I had a child with me, and the mere fact that I held the damn door for her, you'd think she would let us get into our spot that was rightfully ours from the beginning. Obviously we were there first, I held the door for her. She apparently was not thinking the same way since she took what she thought to be her place in front of us.

Ok, here's the set-up. There are four stalls, all of them taken (unfortunately she did not look for feet below and opened the door on a little kid and then acted like it was this little girl's fault). She stood back in front of us where I noticed that she was wearing a classy Hooters shirt that said "Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined". So now you understand the caliber of a person that I am dealing with in the bathroom, of all places. Door two and three open up, but the lady in stall three warns us that there is no more toilet paper in that stall. Hooter didn't bat an eye. She made a be-line for stall two and left Claire and I paperless. Not that she shouldn't have her pick in the first place since she was in front of us (according to her little Hooter brain) but at least offer us some paper. No offers were made. Luckily, stall number four opened up and we went in there. As a side note, you should know that someone went into the no-paper stall and I heard the universal noise for "Damn it, there's no toilet paper left" and I passed a wad under the stall without saying a word. I did get a thank you from the girl, which was nice.

So Hooter Girl, wherever you are, here's a great big thanks for boosting my confidence in society and for solidifying my opinion on someone who has the hooters to wear a Hooters shirt. Bravo.


It is possible that not all woman who wear a Hooters shirt are like the above mentioned girl. I am sure there are plenty of nice girls who wear Hooters shirts out there, I just happened across this gem.

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