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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Weekend

...thank God. It has been such a very busy week and I am ready for it to be done. I think I was ready on Wednesday, actually.

Between Claire's birthday, our anniversary, my mom being in the hospital, pretty school, and my own person demons that I have been battling, it was one hell of a week. My demons, you ask? I can't even open that box up yet, it's not the time or place right now. If you knew how much I wanted to write, and the quantity that I could write about, holy man, I would be stuck at this computer for days.

So, onward. I have to tell this little story because it was funny and it reminded me why I work with kids (kind of, when I am not stuck in the office). I have a lead staff who happens to be named Susan. The kids (and some adults) get confused. So one boy was talking about staff and said, "You know, the FUN Sue." That was me. My staff told me the story and informed me that I was the "fun" one. Apparently the kid tried to back track, and I was still feeling all smug and all when he said to Susan, "Yeah, but you're the smart one". Huh. Well, there I fell right off my pedestal, darn it. She tried to make me feel better by saying that the kid was just trying to think of something to make her feel better for not being the fun one, but, sigh.....oh well, fine, I'll be the dumb one. Whatever.

I think I will suggest going to Happ E Hill Pumpkin Farm today with the girls. It is supposed to be in the 70's today, perfect for the farm. But we'll see. They had a good time last year, and now that Nadia is a little older, she will have more fun this time.

Ok, have to run, I am having the ever present argument with Claire about wearing clothes. She's polish (not by me), what can I say?

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