Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dang, It's Chilly!

And the thing that scares me the most is that it is 52 degrees right now. What will I be like when it is 52 degrees BELOW?!? S H I V E R....we won't think about that right now.

So here I sit twiddling my thumbs. I am not too sure what or who to write about. There is a blog that I follow on a daily basis, and I read about the preparation of her wedding. Ahhh....the good old days. So, with that in mind, and in honor of Amalia, here's today's blog post...

September 26th, 1998. We had decided on a later wedding, mostly because there was another one ahead of us, but also so we could have candlelight. The night of the rehearsal I said to everyone, "See you at 4 tomorrow!". Ok, so the wedding was actually at 4:30....I was only off by a little bit, sheesh!

Little did we know that it was going to be in the high 80's that day. Hot! Holy cow! I had long sleeves because it was supposed to be a little chilly in September. Nein, nein, fraulein. But something else that sticks out in my mind was the fact that the wedding dress store kind of forgot to put my slip in the bag, the crinoline thing that poofs out the dress. Oh well. I was 2 hours away from the store, there was nothing I could do at that point. I think that is what saved me that day. Everything that could be done, was done, so if something didn't go exactly as planned, oh well. I didn't freak out, I didn't get mad, it was what it was, and that is how I survived. What I remember more from that day is the smell of the candles, the hum of the fans in front, the blue carpet, the look on Dion's face, the candle-lit isle, all the hard work put into one beautiful day.

Then later, the food, the friends and family, the laughs, the fact that I didn't pee once after I got my dress on, the music, the sunset that night was amazing, watching so many different people from so many different time periods in my life come together to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful day. It went too fast, it's been 8 years as of next week since that magical day, it seems like 1.

So for those of you preparing for your day, take in every moment, don't sweat the small stuff, remember every little detail you possibly can, but most of all, have fun, remember why you are there and what you are celebrating.

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Amalia said...

What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with me. I am trying not to get too caught up in the whole wedding planning thing, and to remember that there are other things to talk about! It seems like time is flying by, but even though there's still a lot to br done, I can't wait to see Bear's smile at the other end of the aisle.
Thanks again - you rock!