Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Anonymous said...

I am from Utah, I just found out that I have breast cancer and have been going thru chemo...I ran across your blog because I am an unual case at the cancer center and they are not sure what to do..I had a pet scan done and my chest lymph nodes and lung lite up..they thought it was cancer but my lymph nodes under my arms didn't light up! so now they are thinking its Sarcoidoisis..I have no idea what it is and they are baffeled..but I am hoping this is good news! I wanted to find someone out here that had a similar experience! I have searched all over the brest cancer discussion boards and not one person has had this happen! I found your blog after looking up pet scans and other symptoms. Can I email you or get in contact with you to talk? Thanks!
my temp email address is: cdb_me@yahoo.com